Social Media

What are the best social meda outlets for a business?

Daniel from Redlands, CA

Episode 1064

Daniel has so many social media outlets for his business, and it's becoming a full-time job managing all of it. Leo says that if he has a business, he should at least have a web page, and a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is good for selling goods. Google Plus is good, but it's not widespread at all. Twitter is great for communicating with customers, though. LinkedIn is good for finding employees. But at the end of the day, it's best to just keep it simple. YouTube is great for video, but he's better off driving people to his own webpage.

WhatsApp Goes Down for a Few Hours

Episode 1060

A few days after Facebook spent $19 billion on the smartphone app WhatsApp, a possible denial of service attack (DDoS) threw it off line for several hours. Leo says that the cost of WhatsApp is "stupid money" that Facebook has, and they can spend on dumb acquisitions and not suffer for it. Meanwhile, former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said the deal is "everything that is wrong with our economy." Leo says that Reich really doesn't understand technology or the Internet.

Facebook Updates It's Permissions in Android

Episode 1058

Facebook's Android app changed it's permissions to include reading and writing your personal text messages, download files to your phone, and read your calendar events and confidential information. The nice thing about Android is that it will warn you about permissions and changes in advance. Leo says that it may be just to have permission to verify your phone number as accurate, and to add addition features. But these changes only serve to fuel the feeling that Facebook is spying on you.

Facebook Paper App Could Replace Official App

Episode 1055

Leo says that Facebook's new app Facebook Paper, an app that turns your facebook feed into something that looks like a magazine, could end up killing their original app. And Leo says that's a good thing. To succeed you have to push forward and leave the past behind, and Facebook Paper is a beautifully designed app. And Heather says it makes it easier to fly past the boring stuff.

Facebook Reinvents Itself With New "Paper" App

Episode 1053

Google, Apple, and Facebook all turned record profits this quarter. Facebook made more money on its mobile platform than on the desktop for the first time. And for its 10th anniversary, Facebook is releasing a new app called Paper. It's a new news feed that allows you to post as well. Leo says it's gorgeous. It turns Facebook into more of a magazine. It'll likely replace Facebook's app. It will be available February 3rd, and may have changed Leo's mind about Facebook being dead.

Courtney Love Wins Twitter Defamation Case

Episode 1051

Courtney Love, the widow of Kurt Cobain, won the first ever Twitter defamation case. Love had been suing Cobain's estate, became disillusioned with her attorney, and tweeted that her attorney had been paid off by the estate. The attorney then sued Courtney Love for defamation, and won the case.

Courtney Love Wins Twitter Defamation Case (Huffington Post)…

Facebook to See Rapid Decline?

Episode 1051

Reports show that Facebook will lose up to 80% of their users within the next three years. Leo says if people start moving away from Facebook, others will follow. Most people who use Facebook under duress, because their friends and family are online, are just looking for reasons to jump ship. Leo says that Facebook is trying to make the Feed more newsy, filled with "link bait," and less about friends and family.