Samsung Galaxy SIII

How can I go to a previous version of Android?

Brian from Thompson, MA

Episode 1050

Brian has an Android phone and after an over-the-air update, it's running really slow. Leo says that it's probably due to a bad upgrade. He suggests doing a complete factory reset. If that doesn't work, downgrading is an option. Brian may have to root the phone and get a stock version of 4.2.2, though. Leo advises going to CyanogenMod is a good one. He should read up on this though, as not all mods work the same.

How do I set a location based reminder in Android?

Episode 980

Samantha from California
Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samantha recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and she likes the idea of the automatic reminders and "geo fencing." Leo says to tap the Google Search bar with the microphone and speak into it. Just say "Remind me to...when I get to..." and it will add it as a location based reminder. Once she gets used to the idea, it's great, especially if she's using with an app like Grocery IQ.

What smartphone and phone carrier should I get?

Episode 954

Cathy from Long Beach, CA
Samsung Galaxy S III

Cathy has to get a new phone and wants to change to something else from Sprint. She has ruled out AT&T and Verizon, so that leaves T-Mobile. It doesn't have the iPhone yet, though. The real problem could be coverage. Softbank just bought Sprint, so they may improve over time. Leo thinks T-Mobile is the best bet for Cathy and recommends the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Galaxy Note 2.

Can I use my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III internationally?

Episode 946

Brandon from Big Sky, Montana
Samsung Galaxy S III

Brandon is traveling to Europe for a month and wants to bring his Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon. Leo says it won't work too well because that phone is for CDMA networks, which isn't international. He'll want a GSM phone for that since it uses a SIM card. He could still use his Verizon phone, but he'd be paying international roaming charges which isn't cheap. He should talk to Verizon about an international data plan.

How can I turn off WiFi on my Samsung Galaxy S III?

Episode 945

Manny from Mt. Caramel, PA

Leo says Manny can go into the phone's settings and at the very top is an on/off switch which he can turn off to disable it. Turning off WiFi can save battery life if he's not in an area with WiFi. If he's in an area where WiFi is available, however, using WiFi will be easier on battery life than 3G or 4G. If he's not using Bluetooth, turning that off will help save some battery as well.

Why won't my computer see my Galaxy S III as an external drive when plugged in via USB?

Episode 932

Alan from Melbourne, FL
Galaxy S III

Leo says that's by design. What he needs to do is put the phone into "disk mode," or "MTP mode" so that the computer will see it as a disk to mount. This should be in the settings. If it doesn't mount, try a different cable. If that doesn't do it, then there's something wrong and it could be hardware or software at this point. A driver may not be loading that the phone needs to broadcast that it's there. Resetting the phone will reload that. If that doesn't work, then take the phone back.