How can I connect my desktop to my TV?

Zachary from Victorville, CA

Episode 1432

Zachary wants to play games and he's connected his desktop to his TV. But when he tries to adjust the screen settings, none of the settings work. Leo says to try and change the settings BEFORE you connect the TV. The TV has a native resolution that is actually lower than the resolution on your desktop. You want to see what your TVs native resolution is and then choose that setting that is as close as possible to it. You may also be in mirror mode instead of extended mode. So try and change that if you can.

What Android phone should I buy?

Gary from Camarillo, CA

Episode 1432

Gary wants to know which Android phone to get. The Google Pixel 2, the Samsung S8 or Note 8 or LG V30? Leo says that Google's pure Android is the ideal because it doesn't have any overlays. LGs overlays are decent. Samsung is the worst. But in terms of screen, people are complaining about LG's POLED screens, though Leo isn't bothered by them. Samsung's S8 and Note 8 have the most beautiful displays. They also have the best cameras. But in terms of security, Google's Pixel phones will ALWAYS get the patch first. So for security, Google has the edge. They're all very close.

Why does downloaded music disappear from my phone?

Episode 1426

Ron from North Hollywood, CA
Astro File Manager

Ron has a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and he's been emailing himself mp3s he makes in the recording studio. The phone holds onto the file for about a day, and then it disappears. Leo says it sounds like the download goes to his cache, which gets cleared out. Leo recommends using an app that will enable him to move it once he downloads it. Samsung's File Manager app will let him see that folder.

How can I disable the Bixby button on my Samsung phone?

Episode 1426

Chris from Colorado
Samsung Galaxy S8

Chris wants to know if he can disable the Bixby button on his Samsung Galaxy S8. Leo says that there wasn't a way to do this until recently. The latest firmware update allows it. Chris just has to press the Bixby button and then the Settings gear, and he can disable it. Leo wishes Samsung would let users reassign that button to something useful. Leo also says that mobile phones are so matured in their design now, that there isn't much that phone companies can do except add features that nobody really wants, like a Bixby button or removing the headphone jack for wireless headphones.

How can I get a Note VII Fan Edition?

Episode 1419

Sharise from Lancaster, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition

Sharise used to have a Samsung Note VII that she returned as requested. Now she hears that she could get a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition by trading in an older Note. She has a Note IV but they won't take it. Leo says that one option would be to go on eBay and buy a used Note V. Leo says that they are only selling in South Korea, but she could get it on eBay. They aren't cheap, though.

What's a good tablet with LTE?

Episode 1402

Jay from Providence, RI
Apple iPad Pro

Jay wants to get a new tablet with LTE. What should he get? Leo says it's hard to beat the iPad. And if he's going to spend that much on a tablet, he's better off with the iPad Pro because it's as powerful as a laptop. If that's outside of his budget, Samsung makes a good one and Leo recommends going to the carrier to get it. That way he can get a subsidized price.

Why does my Android phone add a space in voice texting?

Episode 1388

Cary from Ontario, CA
Google Gboard

Cary just got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and she's having issues while voice texting. It's mostly syntax because the voice texting is putting spaces where they don't belong. Leo says that it could be a keyboard behavior with the Samsung Keyboard. She should try using a different keyboard. She can try Google's GBoard or SwiftKey. Both are free.