What's a good voice recorder?

Zoom H1

Episode 1314

Vidac from Sacramento, CA

Vidac is an international student looking to get into radio. He's studying radio and TV production in school. He's visually impaired and needs a digital voice recorder for lectures. Leo says if they can let him put the mic on the podium where the teacher lectures, then any voice recorder will work. He got the Olympus DS-3500. Leo says that's a common model and Vidac says it's terrible.

Would an external microphone work on an iPad?

Episode 1015

Steven from New Hampshire

Leo says that external mics don't just inherently work with the iPad. He'd have to find something that would be able to plug into the lightning port on it. Steven is trying to make this work with the Double Robotics iPad robot, too. He could get the Rode LAV mic, but it would have to work within the Double Robotics software. He might have to call Double Robotics to find out what he could do. Leo thinks that any mic he can connect to the iPad would be recognized by it, though.

How can I improve audio recording on a smartphone?

Episode 989

Braden from Wisconsin

Whenever Braden uses his smartphone to record, the audio is terrible. Leo says that phones these days use multiple microphones and dedicates one for noise cancellation. If he doesn't have that feature, then an external microphone connected to the phone with an adapter will work. The iRig may be good for that. Audio Technica also makes a microphone that can plug into a smartphone, but it looks like a big stage microphone.