Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1397

Chris Marquardt

Chris joins us this week to talk about street photography. Chris says that using a long lens is a great way to shoot street photography because it gives a buffer to be able to take pictures without violating anyone's privacy. Chris also says if you're not afraid to ask them, a 50mm is better. 25mm for micro four thirds. That's because you're not too far away and it makes the whole scene look natural and feels like you're there. Zoomed shots look like a spy photo. They're flat and compressed. By contrast, wide angle lenses look distorted and strange.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1395

Chris Marquardt

Chris is here to talk about wide angle photography. Using a wide angle lens is challenging because it can often disappoint the photographer. A wide angle lens is below 50mm. The smaller the MM, the wider the angle. The wider it is, the more stuff you have in the picture and that means more things that compete with each other. The reason why is that wide angle isn't how we as people see the world, so it's hard to compose. But that's a good thing because it forces you to work on your composition, rather than take it for granted.

How can I scan negatives?

Episode 1393

Percy from Crystal River, FL
Epson Perfection V600

Percy wants to know if there's a way to scan negatives with an Epson printer. Leo says not the Fast Photo printer. It has a sheet feeder that you can stack photos into and scan, but negatives require different hardware. You can bounce light off a print and reflect it, but in order to scan negatives, you have to shine the light through the negative into the camera.

What lens should I buy my daughter for her camera?

Episode 1391

Becky from Panama City, CA
Canon EF 50mm F1.8

Becky's daughter wants to be a professional photographer and wants to know what to get her that is affordable. She currently uses a Canon Rebel XT with interchangeable lenses. Leo says that getting her a prime lens like an EF 50mm F1.8 is great because it's fast and sees roughly what the eye sees. It will also train her to shoot and compose images professionally. It's great for portraits and street photography. It's also very good in low light.

What's an alternative to Photoshop on Creative Cloud?

Episode 1390

Rita from Hisperia, CA
Adobe Photoshop Elements

Rita bought a subscription to Adobe Photoshop, but she doesn't want to renew it. Is there an alternative she can use that doesn't require a subscription? Leo says that Adobe Photoshop Elements will give her about 80% of everything Adobe Creative Cloud has. It's only about $80. For most people it's good enough and she doesn't have to renew it every year or month.