Chris Marquardt

Episode 1200

Chris Marquardt

Today's photo segment has been pre-recorded because Leo is on a trip to Germany, where Chris Marquardt is located. He's on a river cruise through the Netherlands down the Rhine, and will be stopping at several cities and castles. One of Leo and Chris's favorite things to do while traveling is taking pictures, and Chris says he likes to capture different cultures. He went to to areas of India with limited tourism. He says one of the things you'll learn as a photographer is there are different standards when it comes to things like eye contact and personal space.

Should I buy a 5K iMac for digital photography?

Episode 1199

Todd from Inglewood, CA
Apple iMac

Todd would like to keep shooting photos on film, but he's having trouble finding labs that can provide quality prints. So he's forced himself to learn digital photography. Leo says the good thing about digital photography is that he can self edit on the fly and keep what works and what doesn't. Then he can print them.

Todd is also looking for a new Mac. Should he go with the Mac Pro? Leo says no. Leo thinks that the Mac Pro is filled with problems. He went around and bought a 5K iMac and says it's ideal for editing and showcasing photography, thanks to that 5K Retina screen.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1198

Chris Marquardt

Chris talks about the issue of dust and scratches on the lens. Scratches and dust will not show on pictures, so it isn't something to be overly concerned about. He suggests going to, which is an article about someone who discovered a fly was inside their lens. They took several photos at all different focal lengths, and the fly wasn't visible in any of the pictures.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1194

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt is fresh from a world wide journey where he went to Bengal, Katmandu, Nepal, and he was happy to report that most of Nepal is nearly back to normal. They still need help in the remote villages, but Nepal is recovering nicely. The photos from this month's assignment "RELIEF" are in and here are some of Chris' favorites:

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1184

Chris Marquardt

This week, Chris wants to talk about posting photos on blogs and how they get shared everywhere. This not only adds interesting content to your blog posts, but it also gets shared on social media along with your blog posts. People are more likely to read your blog if it has a photo. A photo will also give you a higher placement in the search results. Photos don't just make your post look better, it improves your search results. Leo says a well chosen photo really does enhance an article's meaning. Chris also says it's important to be careful what images you take from the Internet.

Whats' the best place online to learn Photoshop?

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1183

What's the best website to learn Photoshop? Leo says that is the best he knows of, but they are a sponsor. Leo also says that Adobe has plenty of tutorials through Creative Cloud, and there's plenty of good books. But for well produced tutorial videos, Lynda is Mark's best bet. It's about $30 a month.

YouTube and Apple's iTunes U are other options.