What's a good small camera that gives professional results?

Episode 1112

Bruce from Irvine, CA

Bruce is a bush pilot in Alaska. He's looking for a good digital camera that's better than a point and shoot, but not the size of a full DSLR. Leo says the best point and shoot right now is the Sony RX100. It's not cheap at $800 for the MKIII, but it has a 1" full frame sensor, an f1.8 24-70 zoom, and it's tiny. So it's easy to use and provides professional results.

Chris Marquardt with Another Filter Myth

Episode 1110

In part two of the filter myth, Chris says that while we don't really need filters on the whole. There are some filters that are crucial, especially in bright sunlight. Bright ambient light requires short shutter speeds, and a neutral density filter will block a lot of the light. This allows you to slow down your shutter speed to get a more blurred look, or open up your aperture for better depth of field.

How can I "shoot the moon" tonight?

Episode 1108

Andrea from Lakewood, CA
Super moon

Andrea is going to take pictures of the "super moon." Leo says tonight is a great night to not only shoot the moon, but also the Pleiades meteor shower. She'll need a longer lens than she thinks - like 300mm, and a tripod to keep it completely stable. She'll be doing time exposures. The key is, the moon is very bright, so she'll stop it down and lengthen the exposures. She'll want to expose for the moon itself, and she'll want to set it manually.

Can I use a tablet for photo editing?

Episode 1108

David from Irvine, CA
Microsoft Surface Pro 3

David wants to replace his desktop and do all of his photo and video editing on a tablet. Leo says that the iPad with Lightroom is a great solution as long as he has Creative Cloud on the desktop. He can do some basic editing on the iPad, and then it'll sync the changes he makes to the desktop. That's what Leo does. If he wants to completely replace his desktop, then the Windows Surface Pro 3 is a great option. He'll want the i7 processor for it, though. And he should make sure to get the keyboard.

How can I take pictures of small dark parts for use in a magazine?

Episode 1108

Steve from Chatsworth, CA

Steve takes pictures of parts that are usually dark black, and when he lights them, he ends up with horrible shadows. How can he get rid of those shadows? Leo says what Steve needs is a seamless background and photo box. B&H Photo has a Polaroid Photo LIght Kit that has a box, lights, diffusers and is under $50. It's a great way to do just what Steve needs. He can also search for eBay Photo Kit.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1106

Chris wants to bust the myth of the camera bag accessories and the sun filter. Chris says that sun filters will usually limit the visual spectrum and doesn't really do much for the image other than cut out ultraviolet and infrared light. Those were very valuable and improved your pictures when shooting with film. But when you shoot digital, it just doesn't apply, since IR and UV filters are already built into your camera. So it's counterproductive to buy them.