What's a good photo printer?

Debbie from California

Episode 1334

Debbie has an old HP Photosmart printer and she wants to print some images. What's a good new printer? Leo says that most printers are wireless now and you can do airprinting through iOS and Google as well. She also wants an all in one that can also fax. Leo says faxing is dying out these days. You can take a picture or PDF and email. Much simpler process.

Chris Marquardt ... Telling Stories

Episode 1334

Every week Chris mentions how a picture "tells a story." But how do you do that? That's the topic of this week's Photographic Super Powers. There are at least three ways to tell a story in your image. First, contrast. Contrast can give people something to think about as the image provides a comparison. Old vs. new. bright vs. dark. Contrast draws your attention and makes an image really interesting. Another way to tell a story is how the subject moves toward another. This can provide a sense of tension, showing what's going to happen. Thirdly, don't tell the whole story in one shot.

Paul D deBerjeois on Photography

Episode 1332

Paul is the official photographer of the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Paul has been shooting with the Canon 5D Mk. III lately because they are the sponsor of the festival and will basically let him shoot with anything, but he likes to shoot with an f2.8 16-35 and an f2.8 24-70. He will also shoot with a 28-300mm lens during the day, shooting at f8, which gives him the best sharpness across the entire frame. Paul says when it comes to shooting balloons, the biggest challenge is photo composition.

Is Google Photos really unlimited?

Episode 1330

Alex from Sacramento, CA
Google Pixel

Alex has been told that Google Photos isn't really unlimited for original photos. Leo says that's correct, but they're pretty darn good. Google is also offering unlimited original backup if you buy a Pixel Phone and the images are taken with it. How does Google tell the difference? Leo says it's probably in metadata. Alex is also wondering if it's unlimted original JPEGs or original RAW? That is unknown. It's very confusing and Google should clear it up.

What's the best camera app for the iPhone 7?

Episode 1330

Neil from Phoenix, AZ
Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Neil has been hanging on to the iPhone 6S, but he decided to get the iPhone 7 anyway. Leo took his on a cruise along with his Leica camera and he says it competed well with it. Neil wants to know how to get the most out of his camera on the iPhone. Leo says that the built-in Apple camera app has matured to the point that it's the best of the bunch now. Leo doesn't see the need for other camera apps. The built-in app will always have the edge over the others because it will be the first, and perhaps the only, to have the new features that Apple implements.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1326

Chris Marquardt

This week's photographic super power is shooting stars. The first decision you'll want to make is whether or not you want star trails or fixed stars. The easiest way to take star trails is to put the camera on a tripod, then expose for as long as the battery in the camera will let you. Some people use a lot of individual pictures, of about 20 second or 50 second pictures and then stack them. There are advantages to it. You could make a video with it, decrease digital noise, and remove things that are in the way.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1325

Johnny Jet

Travel App of the Week - Photocard. Take pictures and then have them printed and sent to friends. Leo says that PhotoCard is the best for printing. The quality is 5x7 lamented. The creator Bill Atkinson is a professional photographer and he wanted the images to be professional grade. $1.50 to send inside the US, $2.25 outside the US. Email them for free. There's also some great help videos for the more advanced features and they're done by Leo! There's also PosterGram, which is similar. .99 each.

Another App - Cozy Family. It's a simple family organizer.