How can I create enhanced HDR photos?

Episode 1407

Burke from Richmond, VA
Google Photos

Burke wants to know if he can create enhanced images in Google Photos like HDR? Leo says he can do some basic enhancements through Google Photos, but for real HDR, he'll be better off using Photomatix. It's not cheap, though, at $100. There's probably some cheaper ones out there. He should check out Topaz Studio and for other recommendations.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1407

Chris Marquand

When shooting the solar eclipse, Chris recommends stacking ND filters and never look directly at the sun. Leo says that BMWMRC is the one he uses. Chris says that's one of the best. It's German, so of course!

Chris also just had one of his top photo seminars, a week long workshop on photography and he decided that we could join in too with a list of great projects to try and practice with:

Anthony Tortoriello on Photography

Episode 1405

Anthony Tortoriello

Photographer Anthony Tortoriello joins Leo to talk about iPhone accessories that can improve your digital photography. Anthony has had some of his shots featured on the "Shot on iPhone" Apple ad campaign.

Even though it can be water resistant, it isn't a good to take the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus into the water without a legitimate underwater housing. Anthony recommends the Watershot Pro. It allows you to take advantage of the dual camera array on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1403

Gear acquisition syndrome (GAS) is a common malady with photographers who think that upgrading their gear or getting more gear will make them better photographers. It's not really the case, usually. But Chris says that getting better gear can help by expanding the toolset you can use to take pictures. As long as you actually use them. But often, a trip will trigger GAS in them.

Today's topic is shooting a solar eclipse. There's an eclipse coming in a few weeks (Aug. 21) and Chris has a few tips on how to shoot them:

Is there a good time lapse app for my camera?

Episode 1402

Mark from Yorba Linda, CA
Microsoft Hyperlapse

Mark wants to do some time lapse photography and wants to know if there's software that he can program his Canon T6 with. Leo says that Canon has a smartphone app that could work, but he'll have to connect his camera to it via Wi-Fi. Then he'll have to see if it will combine all the images. Mark says it doesn't. is another one.

What waterproof action camera should I buy?

Episode 1399

Arthur from Maine
Olympus TG-5

Arthur is into underwater photography and he wants to get a sports action camera. Leo says that an action camera like a GoPro is small and has a serious wide angle. If he wants a camera that can get him stills as well, Leo likes the Olympus Tough TG5. Ricoh makes a similar camera. They're very versatile for doing double duty like action shots underwater and just grabbing your favorite still shot.