How do I backup my images?

Shane from Yelm, WA

Episode 1179

Shane's internet is very slow since he's forced to dial in and connect via DSL. Leo says that DSL speeds depend on distance. He's frustrated because as a photographer, it takes him over a day to upload images and he can't do online backup because of the connection. Would external hard drives ideal for mirroring? Leo says that he'll have to do it that way, and it's best that way, especially if he sends the backed up images to another site. Leo recommends checking out by Peter Krogh.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1178

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that upgrading to OS 10.3 will bring Apple's new Photos app on your Mac. He says it's pretty good, but it has a few flaws and bugs. One bug is that it will delete any pictures on your desktop in favor of your photos in iCloud. So if you don't have anything on your laptop you care about, go for it. it'll all be well. But Chris didn't lose any of his. They migrated everything to his Photos app with no problem, only reorganizing some. Chris says Photos is an update from iPhoto, but a clear downgrade from Aperture.

How can I scan my photo at 72 dpi?

Jim from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1177

Jim wants to enter pictures in a photo show and the show wants them as JPEGs at 72 dpi. He has to scan his images to do it. Leo says that 72 dpi is at very low quality and it's obviously an online gallery. But he can scan his images at the highest resolution possible and save it in TIFF. That would be lossless compression. He can always open it in a photo editor and then lower the resolution to JPEG. Leo recommends Irfanview.

How can I download all my photos from Facebook?

Bill from San Bernadino, CA

Episode 1175

Bill's daughter is on Facebook and has a ton of pictures stored there. How can she back them up? Leo says that she can upload every picture she takes to a private album in facebook. Then she can download them. They'll be pretty compressed, however. Google Chrome has an extension called Download DB Album mod, which will "scrape" her Facebook feed and download them all.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1174

Chris Marquardt

Chris has been playing with light as of late. One problem he's noticed while teaching photography is that light is a challenge for beginners. LED lights have changed the way we approach light in our photography, though. Leo says that the great thing about LEDs is that they don't burn out and they don't get very hot. Chris says that LEDs are also a lot cheaper now and the performance is increased. They're low power as well. Aputure LEDs are affordable and they can be moved.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1172

Chris Marquardt

Chris is back and he's excited about a new lens he picked up. It's the Canon 24mm pancake lens. It's tiny! It has a fixed focal length, no zoom, and smaller glass elements. But the lens quality is fantastic. It's fast at F2.8. It uses a new focusing technology called a "stepping motor." This goes at variable speeds to focus depending on what you're doing. Another thing is that the focus is "fly by wire," so you don't have a haptic focus connection. It costs about $179.

How can I manage my photos?

Richard from Tukaho, NY

Episode 1171

Richard is trying to archive photos and he needs a good workflow. Can Leo make any suggestions? Leo says that if he's bought some storage on iCloud, that's not a bad option. Flickr is also a good way to go, which would gives him 1TB of storage space for free. What Leo does, however, is use a technique called 3-2-1 back up. It's based on The DAM Book by Peter Krogh. Check out for tips on how to manage digital assets.

What 40" TV is best for displaying photos with accurate color reproduction?

Episode 1171

Tim from La Crescenta, CA
Vizio E-Series 42" TV

Tim wants to know what 40" TV is best for color reproduction with photography. Leo says that the Sony Grand Vega was the top of the line back in the analog days. Leo says that he'd go bigger if he can. Bigger is always more immersive and more realistic. But in the 40" range, he can get one for under $300.