Chris Marquardt

Episode 1184

Chris Marquardt

This week, Chris wants to talk about posting photos on blogs and how they get shared everywhere. This not only adds interesting content to your blog posts, but it also gets shared on social media along with your blog posts. People are more likely to read your blog if it has a photo. A photo will also give you a higher placement in the search results. Photos don't just make your post look better, it improves your search results. Leo says a well chosen photo really does enhance an article's meaning. Chris also says it's important to be careful what images you take from the Internet.

Whats' the best place online to learn Photoshop?

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1183

What's the best website to learn Photoshop? Leo says that is the best he knows of, but they are a sponsor. Leo also says that Adobe has plenty of tutorials through Creative Cloud, and there's plenty of good books. But for well produced tutorial videos, Lynda is Mark's best bet. It's about $30 a month.

YouTube and Apple's iTunes U are other options.

What happened to iPhoto?

Fakhar from Islamabad, Pakistan

Episode 1183

Fakhar is having issues with iPhoto. Leo says that Apple has replaced iPhoto with Photos in OS X Yosemite. Fakhar says that happened to him and he lost a lot of features and slide shows. Leo says that many of the features that iPhoto had are missing, while some are still there but aren't as apparent. Apple has written it from the ground up and will likely re-add those missing features as time goes on. Face recognition is still there, but it's harder to locate within albums. Leo advises patience. Unfortunately, that's the world of Apple. It's their way or the highway.

How do I backup my images?

Shane from Yelm, WA

Episode 1179

Shane's internet is very slow since he's forced to dial in and connect via DSL. Leo says that DSL speeds depend on distance. He's frustrated because as a photographer, it takes him over a day to upload images and he can't do online backup because of the connection. Would external hard drives ideal for mirroring? Leo says that he'll have to do it that way, and it's best that way, especially if he sends the backed up images to another site. Leo recommends checking out by Peter Krogh.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1178

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that upgrading to OS 10.3 will bring Apple's new Photos app on your Mac. He says it's pretty good, but it has a few flaws and bugs. One bug is that it will delete any pictures on your desktop in favor of your photos in iCloud. So if you don't have anything on your laptop you care about, go for it. it'll all be well. But Chris didn't lose any of his. They migrated everything to his Photos app with no problem, only reorganizing some. Chris says Photos is an update from iPhoto, but a clear downgrade from Aperture.

How can I scan my photo at 72 dpi?

Jim from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1177

Jim wants to enter pictures in a photo show and the show wants them as JPEGs at 72 dpi. He has to scan his images to do it. Leo says that 72 dpi is at very low quality and it's obviously an online gallery. But he can scan his images at the highest resolution possible and save it in TIFF. That would be lossless compression. He can always open it in a photo editor and then lower the resolution to JPEG. Leo recommends Irfanview.