How can I tag everyone in all my pictures?

John from Oceanside, CA

Episode 1260

John has uploaded photos from his DVDs, backing them up to various services like One Drive, etc. Now he wants to tag them. How can he get his mom to look at them so she can tell them who they are?

Leo says that Google Photos is the best option. He can create a shareable album that everyone can add to and the facial recognition will tag all the other photos once he tags one.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1258

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that shooting in winter time has its own set of challenges, including that the light tends to become flat and uninteresting. The sky turns gray. It rains, and it's just bland. So one tip in shooting in this time of year is to leave the sky out of it. Concentrate on landscapes and geometrical shapes in your surroundings. Or get into silhouettes. Portraits are also a good option. Use Window light to create indirect and diffused lights for portraits. Practice low light photography. Long exposure times can be practiced while indoors on a cold winter day.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1256

Chris Marquardt

Chris just got back from Ethiopia where he was immersed in the culture, visiting local areas like salt and sulfur fields and volcanoes. You can't really know what to expect until you get there because it changes all the time. And he got some amazing images. He shot with his Canon 5D Mk.II and SL1. The SL1 is much smaller and makes a great secondary body. And it takes as good an image in sunlight as the 5D Mk. II, only it's much lighter.

Why can't I edit my images in Apple Photos?

Episode 1256

Judy from Porter Ranch, CA
Apple Photos

Judy has a 15" MacBook Pro Retina, but she's been having issues that Apple Support can't solve. She can't edit any photo in Apple Photos. Apple thinks it's a software problem. Leo thinks this is a problem with the cache. Leo suggests exporting out all of her photos into another folder and move that to the desktop. Then she can delete the Apple Photos library and reimport her images. She should make sure it's the unmodified original, and not the thumbnails. Chances are, Judy's photo library became corrupt.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1254

This week, Chris wants to talk about color blindness and photography. It's very common, especially in men. There are several different kinds of color blindness, too. The basic eye is a lot like a digital image processor. The most common color blindness is red/green blindness. The irony is, more men are into photography. So how does that kind of color blindness affect the images they shoot? Leo wonders if they should shoot black and white. Chris says that's one strategy, asbsolutely. And it's artistic. But getting the color right can be easy if you use tools like White Balance.

How can I back up my images from my iPhone?

Episode 1252

Lisa from Cypress, CA
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Lisa has a few hundred pictures on her iPhone. What can she do to prevent running out of space? Leo says that chances are, she has plenty of room right now. But what if she loses her phone? That's why Apple has iCloud. Lisa can turn on and enable iCloud and it will backup the images via Wi-Fi. She'll only get 5GB of storage for free, but an additional 50 GB is only about $20 a year.

What phone has the best camera?

Episode 1251

Peter from Detroit, MI
Olympus TG-4

Peter wants to know how good the camera is in the Google Nexus 6. He's going on vacation and wants to take good pictures. Leo says that he's not thrilled with camera on the Nexus 6. Why not just bring a camera? He can get a great point and shoot, with zoom for a few hundred dollars. That will be the best for capturing those once in a lifetime memories. The Olympus TG-4 is an excellent option.

How can I back up my photos while on vacation?

Episode 1251

Scott from Richland, WA
Apple Photos

Scott is about to go on vacation to Australia and he wants to know how iCloud works with the images on his iPad. Leo says that he can turn on iCloud Photo Library in his phone and it will upload his images when connected to Wi-Fi to save space on his phone. Can he upload from his Nikon with his iPad? Leo says he can shoot raw, but it may not go up to the cloud. They will upload high quality JPEGs. But Scott should be wary, because Nikon also adds a lower quality JPEG that it loads to the LCD for review. In many cases, the lower quality image will get copied instead.