Jon Miller

Episode 1102


John Miller fills in for Chris Marquardt today. He holds the distinction of flying a quadcopter at the highest altitude ever recorded on Mount Everest. John goes up with Chris every year, and he's documented their Everest adventure on stills and videos. This year he brought a DJI Phantom Quadcopter with a GoPro camera. He took it to Base Camp and flew it, making it the highest recorded quadcopter flight ever. He also brought a Turbo Ace Matrix drone which has 15 propellers for a larger payload and greater lift.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1098

Scott says he wants to see the Northern Lights and photograph it. Chris says that it's very difficult to take pictures of the Northern Lights because you need long exposure and it can be tricky. But if you do it right, you get very interesting shapes and colors. Chris also wants to talk about Apple killing Aperture Software Development. Chris says that these days, Photographers like to use MetaData and Aperture was really good in helping to organize photos by that MetaData. Now that it's gone, the only real professional option is Adobe Lightroom.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1096

Chris joins us to talk about Apple killing Aperture, the photo editing app for pros. Leo says it's just another finger to the professional community and it's sad that Aperture is going away. Adobe should be the immediate beneficiary as users move over to Lightroom. Chris had a chatroom Q&A today, and here are the questions:

Is CamRanger a good tethering app for photography while traveling?

Gail from Covina, CA

Episode 1091

Gail's husband is into photography and uses a program called CAMRanger. Leo says that's a great app for syncing a camera to a computer or mobile device. Many cameras are using that tethering capability natively now as a result. But she's heard that CamRanger can fail, losing the images or requiring reinstallation of the software. Leo says it could be a bug, but he knows a lot of pros who use it and they haven't complained about a bug like that.