Is there a way to recover a Windows password?

Jim from United Kingdom

Episode 973

Jim has built his own Windows Computer. He likes that the new Windows 8 just requires a 4 digit pin to log in, but he's lost the password and didn't choose the PIN. Leo says that worst case scenario, he can reinstall Windows and start over. Leo also says that LastPass is great for things like this because he can have both on his smartphone as well and look it up if he forgets it. He'd also get a real strong password in the process.

Evernote Gets Hacked in Coordinated Attack

Episode 957


Leo's favorite information and note taking app, Evernote, has been hacked in what appears to be a coordinated attack. According to the Evernote Blog, "The investigation has shown, however, that the individual(s) responsible were able to gain access to Evernote user information, which includes usernames, email addresses associated with Evernote accounts and encrypted passwords. Even though this information was accessed, the passwords stored by Evernote are protected by one-way encryption.

Why won't Internet Explorer remember my password when I login to my email?

Irwin from Pacific Palisades, CA

Episode 920

Leo says that there's a setting in IE under options to allow or disallow it to remember passwords. He'll also want to be sure the site he's logging into allows for remembering username/passwords (which get saved in cookies). Also, if his browser is set to delete cookies when he closes out, that'll log him out as well.

How can I get into a password locked computer I bought from a military sale?

James from New Jersey

Episode 917

Bob bought a computer from a military sale and he can't get it to run because of a password authentication issue. Leo says that there's a password in the BIOS which prevents someone from turning the computer on. That's not surprising, considering it's a military computer. One thing he can try is removing the lithium ion battery that will power the bios. Or he may have to reset jumpers. Considering the military had it, James may be out of luck cracking that password.

How can I get data off of a password protected Windows XP machine?

Naomi from Denver, CO

Episode 914

Luckily, Windows XP wasn't all that secure, and it's relatively easy to get into the computer.

First, she should try logging in with "admin" as the username and leaving the password field blank. She also could try booting into safe mode. Since neither of those worked for Naomi, she'll have to look for a program that will hack into it.

I restored my computer after getting the Babylon Object Installer, but will I need to change my passwords?

Bob from Downey, CA

Episode 902

Leo says some viruses have keystroke loggers built in that "phone home" with your passwords, but it doesn't look like Babylon does that. If he's worried, though, then he shouldn't take a chance. He should change his passwords regularly. Leo also advises using LastPass, which will generate passwords that are impossible to defeat. Then he'd only have to remember the LastPass password.