password reset

How do I recover my Facebook password?


Episode 1454

Brad from San Jose, CA

Brad wants to know how to recover his brother's Facebook account without using his email. Leo says that there's an extreme account recovery system that involves sending a picture, and then Facebook will reset it. Here's how to recover his account on Facebook.

Leo also recommends using a password vault. LastPass is what he uses, but there's also 1Password. Then all he needs to do is remember one password.

How can I reset my Bitcoin password?


Episode 1446

Dale from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Dale has invested in BitCoin, but he forgot his password. He requested it from CoinBase, but now Google Authenticator won't work. Coinbase's support is overwhelmed so he can't get in. So what can he do? Leo says that Bitcoin is rampant with fraud and that's why the Google Authenticator is used. But it may be that his account has been hacked. He may just have to be patient in contacting Coinbase to get them to reset it. But he shouldn't have an authenticator to reset a password.

Why can't I access my Yahoo email?

Episode 943

Larry from Santa Monica, CA

Larry's Yahoo account was compromised and he couldn't get into it, so he contacted a company he thought was Yahoo. They asked him for money to fix it, but he still can't get into his account. Now they want more money. Leo says this is a hacker, and this is a scam.

This Yahoo Security Center page will help him recover his password and let Yahoo know his account has been compromised.

He should probably change his credit cards now too, because obviously they have his information now.