Can I reinstall Windows Vista on an old computer?

Windows 7

Episode 1418

Bruce from Carlsbad, CA

Bruce got an old computer and he is planning to do a reinstall of Windows Vista. He's wondering if he can wipe out all the partitions, but he's worried that he won't be able to restore it if he needs to. Leo says that Windows will save restore points, but Vista didn't have a restore partition with the Windows installer on it. So he'll have to keep the disc for restoring it if the need arises. Bruce should just understand that Vista doesn't have many updates anymore, so he should be careful using it online. If he can, he should try and get a copy of Windows 7.

Why can't my computer see all of my hard drive?

Hard Drive

Episode 1379

Irwin from The Bronx, NY

Irwin's hard drive died, so he replaced it with a 3TB drive. But his computer can't see all of it. He's running Windows 10. Leo says it may be a hardware limitation of his computer that's preventing it from seeing all the hard drive. Leo advises waiting until Tuesday with the Windows 10 Creator's Update. It could fix the problem. He'll also want to be using UEFI to boot to it. If not, there are third party partition managers that can fix it.

Why can't I change my drive letters?

Episode 1203

Chuck from Telohoma, TN

Chuck recently restored his computer to Windows 7, but he's now having trouble with assigning drive letters. Leo says that Windows always wants to be on the C drive. The partitioner won't let Chuck go beyond D. Leo says that Acronis True Image could do it, as will CloneZilla. The Chatroom suggests going into the disc manager of Windows, then right click "select change drive letter settings."

How can I adjust my partitions?

Episode 1171

Bill from Tarzana, CA

Bill has a drive with 4 partitions, two of which he can't release. Leo says that those may have Windows on them to restore it if he needs it. If he has his own copy, he may be able to do it. Leo advises backing it up first. Then he can try and put the recovery partition at the end of the drive, and try to adjust the partition. Here are some tools that will help Bill manage his partitions: