Mobile Phones

How can I get my old Palm data off my phone?

Andie from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1516

Andie is ready to move away from her old Palm Treo smartphone and wants to know what to get. Leo says that phone is 10 years old! But her worry is her contacts and notes. How does she transfer all that to her new phone? Leo says that if you can sync your data to your computer, you can then export it. But if you can't connect your cable, it's possible that it's a driver issue since the phone is so old. It's possible that Sprint will be able to give you wireless syncing to get it off. At this stage, it's probably best to hire a student to manually write out the contact list and your notes.

Is there an app to automate functions in iOS?

Dale from Palmdale, CA

Episode 1515

Dale wants to know how he can automate functions on the iPhone. Leo says that in iOS 12, there will be a suggestions and shortcuts app that will enable you to automate a lot of things. He also wants to use augmented reality with his Iphone as well. Leo says that NBC and Comcast is huge in it, and have an app called Augmen.TV.

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Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 9

Episode 1514

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 on Thursday morning, and it'll be out already on August 24. Leo says the Note phone has a lot of devoted fans, but there's also a lot of people who think it's too big and too expensive. It starts a $999, and goes even higher if you want to get more internal storage. It's a beautiful phone, and slightly larger than the old Galaxy Note 8. Samsung has put a very big 4,000 mAh battery in the Note 9. They're putting in water cooling, though, so it won't get too hot and won't explode. This is the largest battery ever in a Note smartphone.

Should I buy a phone locked or unlocked?

Episode 1512

Cheryl from Redondo Beach, CA
Motorola Moto G6

Cheryl wants to get a Motorola Moto G6 mobile phone and wants to know if she should get one locked or unlocked. Leo says that phones that are locked to the carrier means she can only use it with that carrier. But with Verizon, that phone should already be unlocked. The FCC has said, however, to all the carriers that if a phone is bought outright, then it would have to be unlocked. If she's buying one month to month, then they can lock it until she's paid it off. Ideally, she should get the unlocked one.

Why does my phone keep rebooting?

Episode 1510

Larry from Tustin, CA
Samsung Galaxy S5

Larry's Samsung Galaxy S5 is rebooting all the time. What can he do? Leo says his mobile phone company wants him to upgrade, but before he does, he should perform a backup and reset. It will erase the phone and reset it to the day he bought it. He should make sure he backs up his photos and videos before he does it. For that, Leo recommends Google Photos. That will likely solve the problem. If it doesn't, then it's time to get a new phone.