Microsoft Surface

What should I do with a lemon Microsoft Surface tablet?

Episode 1484

Erin from Santa Clarita, CA
Microsoft Surface Tablet

Erin is on her fourth Microsoft Surface tablet and it keeps failing on her. Microsoft keeps replacing it, but she's nearing the end of her warranty and is worried that once it passes, she'll out of luck. Rich says he's had a similar issue and he's read that this is a more widespread problem. Depending on how she paid for it, some credit cards have an extended warranty. But she'll also have lemon law protection.

What computer and accessories should I get for drawing?

Episode 1203

Pat from El Segundo, CA
Microsoft Surface

Pat is a watercolor artist, and is wondering what computer, printer, and DVD player she should get. Leo suggests getting something that would allow her to draw into the computer, though. For that, Leo would recommend the Microsoft Surface tablet, even though Pat has always had a Mac. He recommends that because of the stylus and the touch screen of it. To do a similar thing with a Mac, Pat would need to spend more to get a Wacom Cintiq, which is very expensive.

What Windows laptop should I get for my husband?

Episode 1196

Dina from Manhattan Beach, CA
Microsoft Surface 3

Dina also wants to get her husband a new laptop, but he doesn't like Apple. What about the Microsoft Surface? Leo says that the Surface 3 is great. She doesn't need the pro version, which is $1300. But the Surface 3 is a small, light tablet that a keyboard can attach to. It also comes with Office. Dina should check out the Microsoft Store for more.

What's a good laptop for work?

Episode 1085

Lori from San Diego, CA
Acer Aspire S7

Lori is in need of a tablet or laptop that's easy to use and can provide her with a good productivity tool at work. She broke her laptop and she's a bit lost in what to get. Leo says for work, Windows is paramount. He's not really a fan of the Surface tablet so far, and even though the new Surface is light and portable, Microsoft doesn't seem to know what they want it to be -- a tablet or a laptop. The keyboard that it comes with isn't so great either. But it does come with One Note on the Surface 3, which makes it an ideal machine for work. That's the only real advantage of it though.

Is it ok to use a mouse and keyboard with a Microsoft Surface tablet?

Episode 1064

Stacey from Anaheim, CA
Microsoft Surface Tablet

Stacey bought a Microsoft Surface tablet and really likes it. He's wondering if it's ok to use it with a traditional mouse and keyboard as opposed to using the touch screen, though. Leo says since it's his personal computer, he should be able to use it however he wants! There is no incorrect way to use it.

Leo Returns from Cruise, Has New Outlook on Microsoft Surface and iPad Mini

Episode 929

Tanned, rested and ready to rock, Leo returns to the Tech Guy Show and your calls. Leo spent the last two weeks on a cruise in the South Pacific. Leo says that internet speeds on a cruise ship weren't that fast and had to be shared by 2000 people. So he'd get up at 3AM just to read his email. And he's not looking forward to his cellphone bill as his data plan was costing him $20 a MegaByte! Leo also brought his iPad Mini and the Windows Surface RT, and it was amazing how much both wanted to be online, which was dragged to a crawl.