What's the best inexpensive word processor for Mac?

Bridget from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Episode 1246

Bridget got her first Mac and she's stunned that the cost of the apps for the Mac are so much more expensive than the ones for her iPhone or iPad. Leo says that's true, and Mac users are willing to pay it too. Bridget needs something she can use to edit a Word document that won't cost an arm and a leg. She's seen a lot of negative reviews on Apple's Pages. Leo says he likes Pages, but it isn't Word, which is why it gets a lot of negative reviews. Most people only use about 5% of Word's features, though. Pages is the best tool to layout and edit a resume.

What makes up the 'other' category for storage on my Mac?

Nabile from Dana Point, CA

Episode 1227

Leo says this is a common problem on the iPhone as well. There are some programs that will help him see what is using up his storage, and should tell him more than just "other." Leo recommends Disk Inventory X. It will show him a graphical display using big colored blocks, and he can click on the blocks to see what is using up that storage. Leo would guess this "other" storage could be temporary files. It could also be stuff he deleted, that hasn't been completely deleted yet.