Read Mac Formatted Drives with Windows

When you plug a drive that's been formatted for Mac into a Windows PC, you may find that it isn't readable. This is because Mac uses the HFS+ format natively, whereas Windows uses ExFAT or NTFS. One simple way to make the drive readable on both platforms is to format it to ExFAT, which both operating systems can understand. This will erase all contents on the disk, however, so you'll need to transfer those files to a safe place first.

If you can't reformat the drive, there are programs available that will make it possible to read a HFS+ drive on a PC:

Why is my Mac acting crazy?

Episode 1329

Dave from Hollywood Hills, CA
Apple iMac

Dave feels like his computer is possessed. After awhile, it just goes crazy on him. It's an old Mac and runs OS X Lion. Leo says that the problem may be a messed up keyboard or mouse. A 10 year old mac is long past the time to get a new one and there's new refreshed Macs coming next month. He can also get a refurbished one from Apple and save a few hundred bucks.

How can I get drivers for Windows using a Mac?

Tim from Temecula, CA

Episode 1321

Tim updated to Windows 10 and now he can't get online wirelessly. Leo says Tim's Asus uses the Broadcom driver. It's the ASUS T100 driver package and he can get it at Then all he'll need to do is install it via thumb drive. He can even do it on a Mac. Then he can install the drivers to his Asus from the thumb drive. He should just make sure the thumb drive is formatted to FAT32.

How can I learn more about OS X under the hood?

Episode 1321

Brian from Fairview, CA
Apple iPad Pro

Brian has the iPad Pro. He is now all Apple and his boss has made him the expert for all things Mac. Leo says that Apple has quite a bit of information online. iTunesU is a great place to start and it's free. He should also look at MacPorts or HomeBrew. Since Brian is a Linux guy, and under the hood OS X is essentially BSD, he'll be right at home.

Why doesn't my iPhone sync with my Mac?

Episode 1317

Jay from Chicago, IL
Apple iOS 10

Jay has backed up his iPhone and installed the iOS 10 Beta. He's having issues with iCloud sync with his iPad and Mac, along with the universal clipboard. Leo says that a beta version will always have some things that don't work. Leo suggests restarting everything to see if they sync back together. He also should make sure everything is updated to the latest version. Being on the same Wi-Fi network also helps.

Why can't I get Skype to work on my Mac?

Tony from Buffalo, NY

Episode 1308

Tony is having issues with Skype and his Mac. Leo says that he can delete Skype, redownload, and reinstall it. That's how Chris Marquardt got it to work. Microsoft is making serious changes to it, though. The chatroom says that there's a Tech Note in Skype support that says to be sure the OS is up to date, along with Quicktime. Leo says to just delete it and redownload and install it. It's probably a localized issue.

How can I automate a TV playlist?

Abraham from San Diego, CA

Episode 1290

Abraham wants to create a commercial playlist for a local TV station at his church. TWiT uses Playbox to do this. He can also just use Automator on the Mac with AppleScript.

Automator is widely used in the Mac community and can make automated scripts without a lot of programming knowledge. It's all drag and drop and easy to create a playlist. He can do it by timing, sequence etc. Abraham should check out for tips.