What makes up the 'other' category for storage on my Mac?

Nabile from Dana Point, CA

Episode 1227

Leo says this is a common problem on the iPhone as well. There are some programs that will help him see what is using up his storage, and should tell him more than just "other." Leo recommends Disk Inventory X. It will show him a graphical display using big colored blocks, and he can click on the blocks to see what is using up that storage. Leo would guess this "other" storage could be temporary files. It could also be stuff he deleted, that hasn't been completely deleted yet.

How can I transfer files from my old Mac to my new Mac?

Episode 1211

Matthew from Encino, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Matthew wants to transfer old files from his old computer to his new computer. Leo says that Matthew can use an ethernet cable, Firewire or even Thunderbolt and put the old computer into "target disk mode." This will treat his old Mac as a hard drive that will mount on the new Mac. Then it's just a simple drag and drop of his files.

What computer should I get my daughter?

Episode 1209

Jenny from California
13" MacBook Pro with Retina display

Jenny's granddaughter needs a new computer because hers is about 7 years old. Leo says before she looks to buy a new computer, she could try reinstalling the operating system. It's probably free for her and it would make her computer faster. But at the end of the day, it sounds like her granddaughter wants a new computer. Leo believes that Apple is going to announce new laptops in October, so if she can wait, it'll be worth waiting for. Apple doesn't really raise prices with new computers, they just improve performance.