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Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1550

Johnny Jet recently got to attend the most exclusive lounge at LAX this week. It's $4,500 a year membership, plus $2,700 every time you use it. You get separate security, you have a private room, much like a hotel room, and you're even driven to the airplane for a backdoor entrance. It's designed for heads of state, business leaders, and celebrities. But they're about to do a deal with United Airlines, which will offer the same service for $375 per party.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1547

Johnny Jet says that traveling during the holidays is likely going to get you sick because of the weather, and because people are traveling sick and coughing in a closed airplane cabin. But in first class, it tends to be more germ free because it's cleaned more thoroughly, and there's fewer people in that section of the plane. He recommends bringing travel wipes.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1535

Travel Tip - When traveling overseas, always pay in local currency. If they ask if you'd like to pay in US dollars, you'll likely get charged a conversion fee with your credit card. Also. Let your bank know that you're traveling overseas. Also, pay using a credit card. Your debit card is no protected if the card gets stolen or hacked.

Another tip - use a VPN while traveling with your internet access. You'll actually save money by pretending you're in a different country and you're booking flights. Leo uses a travel router, which protects him overseas.