Why won't my iPhone charge with a Lightning connector?

Lou from San Diego, CA

Episode 1061

Lou has an iPhone 5 and has been hesitating upgrading to iOS7, so he hasn't. Leo says that Apple will be releasing iOS 7.1 soon, so it may be wise to just wait a little bit longer. Lou also wants to know why the Lightning connector doesn't work all the time. Leo says that if Lou bought it from a third party, that could be the issue. If it's not charging, it may be that Lou is connecting to a USB port that doesn't have enough juice running through it. USB adapters have different amps. Anything less than 5v x 1 amp, it won't charge. The iPad requires 5.1 v x 2.1 amps.

How can I back up text messages on my iPhone?

Terri from Costa Mesa, CA

Episode 1056

Terri has a ton of text messages over the last five years on her iPhone that she'd like to get onto her computer. Leo says that it's more than just texts, it's also images. First, Leo says she should backup her phone. Then get a program called iExplorer, by Macroplant. It will not only get her music, but also will allow her to export text messages to PDF, along with images. It'll also save voicemails.

How can I use a Verizon iPhone 4S overseas with a local SIM?

Episode 1055

Michele from Orange County, CA
Apple iPhone 5S

Michele's daughter is going overseas and she has an iPhone 4S. How can she use a local SIM while she's there? Leo suggests upgrading to the iPhone 5, 5C or 5S through Verizon. It's a world phone and she can then use a local SIM when she gets to where she's going. Asking Verizon to unlock the 4S may not work because it wasn't a GSM phone. And that iPhone 4S wouldn't work where she's going anyway. So upgrade and then you can do what you want.

How can I free up space on my iPhone?

Episode 1051

Joe from Kansas City, MO
Apple iPhone 5

Joe's iPhone 5 is having issues with Messages. When he erases messages, it doesn't free up any of the space on his phone. Apple says it's a known bug. Leo says there's a program called iBackupBot which will backup his phone, then delete the info and restore what's left to the phone. Or, he can backup his phone to the cloud, then toggle documents and data to off, and then restore.

Should I buy an iPhone now or later?

John from Hainesville, IL

Episode 1050

John has an iPhone 4S phone and his contract is up. He's wondering if he should he wait for the iPhone 6 or get the iPhone 5S now. Leo says that the iPhone won't come out until at least September. We don't know what it will have, but it's a "tick-tock" cycle for Apple, meaning the iPhone 6 will be a big step up. That being said, Leo's not sure what more than can even do since this is a mature product category now. He'd like to see a bigger screen, but that's about it. If John thinks the 4S screen size is fine, then that won't be an issue for him.