Now that the iPhone is on T-Mobile, should I trade in my Samsung Galaxy S Blaze for it?

Episode 984

Joe from San Dimas, CA
iPhone 5

Sam just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze via T-Mobile. He is thinking about trading it in for the iPhone, but is wondering if it's worth making the switch. Leo says that it depends on how much Sam wants an iPhone. The Blaze doesn't have a lot of storage (16GB) but he can put a microSD card in it. The iPhone he would get from T-Mobile is also a 16GB, but he wouldn't be able to expand that. However, with T-Mobile he'd get unlimited data so he may not need much storage.

What phone should I replace my old Blackberry with?

Episode 976

Gordon from Los Angeles, CA
iPhone 5

Stan is upgrading his Blackberry phone and wants to know which smartphone to get. Leo says to not count out the Blackberry Q10 through T-Mobile. It'll be like the new Z10, but with a keyboard. If he's used to Blackberry's ecosystem, it'll certainly be a good upgrade. Will they use the "pearl" trackball? Leo says no, Blackberry has discontinued that. Stan liked the pearl though for running through menus quickly.

How can I sync my iPhone without having to upgrade my entire operating system?

Scott from Yucaipa, CA

Episode 975

Scott just got a new iPhone 5 and found out he can't use it without iTunes 11 -- he would have to update his OS as well! Leo says that's true, but Apple handles sync over the air now, so he doesn't really have to sync directly. He can use iCloud and iTunes Match, if he's a subscriber of it, to sync his music. He can also sync via Google Services.