What phone should I replace my old Blackberry with?

Episode 976

Gordon from Los Angeles, CA
iPhone 5

Stan is upgrading his Blackberry phone and wants to know which smartphone to get. Leo says to not count out the Blackberry Q10 through T-Mobile. It'll be like the new Z10, but with a keyboard. If he's used to Blackberry's ecosystem, it'll certainly be a good upgrade. Will they use the "pearl" trackball? Leo says no, Blackberry has discontinued that. Stan liked the pearl though for running through menus quickly.

How can I sync my iPhone without having to upgrade my entire operating system?

Scott from Yucaipa, CA

Episode 975

Scott just got a new iPhone 5 and found out he can't use it without iTunes 11 -- he would have to update his OS as well! Leo says that's true, but Apple handles sync over the air now, so he doesn't really have to sync directly. He can use iCloud and iTunes Match, if he's a subscriber of it, to sync his music. He can also sync via Google Services.

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 959

The Giz Wiz's Gadget of the week is the BuQuTech Magnetyze Charger - it uses magnetism to charge your phone. It's a two piece setup - case and magnetic charger. You use their case and then when ready to charge, you just place the phone onto the charger plate. You can even rotate it because the magnet keeps the connection. The kit comes with a magnetic charging cable for use in the office or on the go.

Should I switch to an Android phone?

Episode 958

Greg from Mission Viejo, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note II

Greg wishes that Apple would've gone with a larger screen and he's now thinking of getting rid of his iPhone in favor of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIV. Leo says that it probably won't be out until April at the earliest - it hasn't even been announced yet (March 15). Another option is the HTC One.

What about making the transition? Are there apps for podcasting? Leo says that there are great third party apps for podcasting - including DoggCatcher (Android) and InstaCast (iPhone). The chatroom recommends PocketCast (Android), Downcast (iOS).

Chris Marquardt

Episode 958

Chris Marquardt wants to dispel the myth that you need special equipment to shoot a picture of lightning. Not so! You can even shoot lightning with an iPhone if you're timing is right. The trick is to put your camera on a tripod, set it for a LONG exposure (10-20 seconds), aperture 5.6, iso 400. Focus to infinity and shoot. Then just keep doing that until you get a lightning show.

What's the best smartphone for a blind person?

Episode 958

Richard from Rhode Island

Richard is blind and wants a smartphone, and is wondering whether to go Android or iPhone. Leo says that several of his blind listeners say that there is no better smartphone than the iPhone for accessibility. Most carriers will have the iPhone 3GS for free, the iPhone 4 and 4S for around $50, and the latest and greatest for about $199 with a two year contract.

How can I connect more storage to my iPad?

Episode 954

Greg from Hanford, CA
Hyper iUSBport

Greg likes to download videos and store them on the iPad so he can view them when an internet signal isn't available. How can he download and save them directly on the new iPad?

Leo says that the trend is towards streaming these days, thanks to Hollywood's paranoia. There are ways to do this, though. The easiest is to rip the movie to a computer and use iTunes to sync it over.