Rumors Suggesting 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C'

Episode 1003

iPhone colors

As we get towards fall, rumors are flying about when Apple will announce the next generation iPhone. The two rumored iPhones will be the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The iPhone 5C will be available in a variety of colors, according to reports, and will be lower in cost. Leo says we won't see a lot of hardware advancements as we are on the 'tock' of the 'tick-tock' cycle. We will see the obvious software refinements that we have already learned from the iOS7 announcement a few months back.

What free antivirus should I use on my Android phone?

Episode 1000

Ray from Los Angeles, CA

Ray uses AVG on his Windows computer, and is wondering if he should get AVG on his Android phone as well. Leo uses Lookout, which offers extra features such as the ability to remote wipe the phone, or to track the phone's location. Since AVG has this also, they probably are pretty similar in what the programs offer.

The question is really, is an app like this needed? There are malware programs on Android, but smartphones in general are less susceptible to attack. This is especially true on iPhone.

How can I locate my stolen iPhone?

Episode 999

Richard from Thousand Oaks, CA
iPhone 5

Richard's son had his phone stolen yesterday, and wants to know if there's a way he can track it. Leo says that in order to track the phone, he would have to have enabled the "find my phone" feature in the settings. That would enable him to locate it online and forward that information to the police. It also enables him to remotely wipe the phone. He can also press a button that will emit a loud tone making it very easy to locate.

Which is better, Android or iPhone?

Chris from Victorville, CA

Episode 998

Chris wants to know what Leo thinks of the iPhone. Leo says he prefers Android because it has evolved much faster. Apple only releases a new model once a year.

Leo likes having the systemwide "back" button that Android provides. iPhone users are stuck with the stock keyboard, whereas Android allows for other keyboards to be installed. Android phones also have larger screens. It may be a bit prettier, but it's certainly not more functional. However, this is all Leo's opinion, and the iPhone is right for many people still.

Why isn't iMessages working consistently?

Steve from Marina Del Rey, CA

Episode 995

Steve made the switch to an iPhone from his old Palm Pilot. The interface is very similar to the old Palm, but the iMessage app sometimes defaults to text message instead, charging him. Leo says that iMessage has never really worked right. There are internet only text messaging apps like Google Hangouts that he could use instead. There's also What's App, which also uses data. The addressee has to have a similar setup, though.

How can I free up space on my iPhone?

George from Venice, FL

Episode 993

George has a lot of audio recordings and photos on his iPhone, and it has run out of space. Leo says to backup the images with iTunes or back them up to iCloud. He can do the same with iTunes and the music.

George says his audio recordings don't show up in iTunes, however. Leo says if he looks under the "device" option for the iPhone, he should see it there. It's possible that because he records to a third party app, that he needs to go into the settings for that app to see if it will sync. He should at least be able to delete them in the app.

Should I get an iPhone 5 for the better camera?

Episode 990

Effy from Studio City, CA
iPhone 5

Effy is about to have a baby and wonders if she should upgrade to a new iPhone 5 or stick with her iPhone 4 for camera. Leo says that the iPhone really is the best camera phone out there and the iPhone 5 is certainly better than the 4. Apple will most likely be coming out with a new iPhone 5(s) in the fall, but Leo doubts the camera will improve on it. So getting an iPhone 5 now would be fine. Sometimes the iPhone takes longer to shoot that Kodak moment with.

How can I fix an iPhone with water damage?

Episode 985

Lillian from Solvang, CA

Lillian put her iPhone 4S through the washer by mistake. She dried it out in rice and most functions have come back, but she wants to know what else she can do to get it all working again. Leo says that Apple will know if the phone got wet, so she shouldn't deny it. There are third party iPhone repair companies that can repair her phone. A good technician can fix it. The real key is to shut down the phone immediately and then dry it out in rice for well over a week or more.