How can I free up space on my iPhone?

George from Venice, FL

Episode 993

George has a lot of audio recordings and photos on his iPhone, and it has run out of space. Leo says to backup the images with iTunes or back them up to iCloud. He can do the same with iTunes and the music.

George says his audio recordings don't show up in iTunes, however. Leo says if he looks under the "device" option for the iPhone, he should see it there. It's possible that because he records to a third party app, that he needs to go into the settings for that app to see if it will sync. He should at least be able to delete them in the app.

Should I get an iPhone 5 for the better camera?

Episode 990

Effy from Studio City, CA
iPhone 5

Effy is about to have a baby and wonders if she should upgrade to a new iPhone 5 or stick with her iPhone 4 for camera. Leo says that the iPhone really is the best camera phone out there and the iPhone 5 is certainly better than the 4. Apple will most likely be coming out with a new iPhone 5(s) in the fall, but Leo doubts the camera will improve on it. So getting an iPhone 5 now would be fine. Sometimes the iPhone takes longer to shoot that Kodak moment with.

How can I fix an iPhone with water damage?

Episode 985

Lillian from Solvang, CA

Lillian put her iPhone 4S through the washer by mistake. She dried it out in rice and most functions have come back, but she wants to know what else she can do to get it all working again. Leo says that Apple will know if the phone got wet, so she shouldn't deny it. There are third party iPhone repair companies that can repair her phone. A good technician can fix it. The real key is to shut down the phone immediately and then dry it out in rice for well over a week or more.

Now that the iPhone is on T-Mobile, should I trade in my Samsung Galaxy S Blaze for it?

Episode 984

Joe from San Dimas, CA
iPhone 5

Sam just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze via T-Mobile. He is thinking about trading it in for the iPhone, but is wondering if it's worth making the switch. Leo says that it depends on how much Sam wants an iPhone. The Blaze doesn't have a lot of storage (16GB) but he can put a microSD card in it. The iPhone he would get from T-Mobile is also a 16GB, but he wouldn't be able to expand that. However, with T-Mobile he'd get unlimited data so he may not need much storage.