Does the "c" in iPhone 5c stand for "cheap"?

Episode 1019

Brian from Ashville, NC
iPhone 5c

Josh wants to know if the c in the iPhone 5c stands for 'cheap.' Leo says it really stands for "color", and is designed to appeal to price sensitive users. This phone is really an iPhone 5 made in plastic offered in different colors, and is meant to replace the iPhone 4 and 4s in the budget marketplace. It's not all that cheap, but he could get it on contract for about $99. If he wants to buy it off contract and unlocked, it's not that much less than the iPhone 5s.

iOS 7 Designed for Experienced Smartphone Users

Episode 1017

Leo says that when it first came out, the iPhone was kind of easy to use with a design that made it easier for the new user to get around on. But iOS 7 is natively digital and appeals more to the experienced user. It's not just getting rid of the stitched leather and torn page designs - Apple is pushing designers to redesign their apps to be more digitally appealing. There's a great read for developers called The Human Interface Guidelines by Apple.

Where should I get the new iPhone?

Episode 1016

Darlene from Torrance, CA
iPhone 5s

Darlene is looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 5c or 5s and and wants to know if she should buy at the Verizon store or the Apple Store? Leo says to avoid the 5c because it's just an iPhone 5 with colors. The iPhone 5S is a far better buy. Leo says as for where to buy it, it doesn't matter. He likes going to the Apple Store because they'll do stuff for him like transfer his data for free.

Should I buy an extended warranty on my iPhone?

Elena from St. George, Utah

Episode 1013

Elena wants to know if she should buy and extended warranty on her iPhone. Leo says that the new Apple Care, called Apple Care Plus, is beneficial because it covers damage. It's $100 (with a $79 co-pay) and it covers two incidents. Leo says that often, Apple will replace a broken iPhone for $200. So an extended warranty is a profit center for Apple, and Leo nevers buys it. In the long run, it's just plain cheaper. If Elena's the type of person who has butter fingers, Apple Care can buy peace of mind.

Apple Announces iPhone 5s with Touch ID Fingerprint Recognition

Episode 1013

This week, Apple announced the new iPhone 5S which comes with Touch ID fingerprint recognition, which Leo says is an innovation that explains why Apple never chose to use NFC (near field communications) into their phone. Leo says that Touch ID has the option of being a new way to make purchases. But privacy advocates says that Touch ID could cause people to incriminate themselves as fingerprints are not protected by the 5th amendment. So Touch ID does affect user privacy in a very fundamental fashion. Leo also doesn't see the virtue of a 64 bit iOS operating system.