How can I stop Firefox from blocking a link I click on?

Morris from Lake Forest, CA

Episode 1044

Morris clicked on a link from an email that got sent to him, but Firefox won't let it open. Leo says that's a security feature designed to protect him from being taken over by hackers. Leo says that it's likely that Morris may have gotten lured by a bad email and Firefox saved him from it. Leo says it can be disabled, but it protects him and is for his own good.

Is it safer if I close out of everything else when I'm shopping online?

Jay from Providence, NC

Episode 1042

Jay wants to know if he should keep all apps closed while shopping online. Leo says not really. The real key is to make sure he's using "https" when he's shopping. That means the traffic is encrypted. What we learned from the Target breach is that it's the security afterwards, when they're storing the credit card number. Leo says that it's often possible to set up a one time only credit card that can only be used once or only with a single merchant.

Netflix Says Netherlands Has the Fastest Internet Access

Episode 1040

Netflix, which just recently launched in Holland, has been there long enough now to say that people who watch Netflix in the Netherlands get the best bandwidth. Mexico ranks last, just below Ireland and the US.

Netflix says Netherlands has the fastest broadband (CNET)…

Johnny Jet

Episode 1038

Johnny has been doing a German Riverboat cruise through Viking as part of his last winter tip to Europe. With bad weather everywhere, Johnny decided to talk about what to do when your flight gets cancelled due to bad weather. It helps to have a travel agent who can take care of things as they happen. There's also For $150 they will do everything if you're stuck.

What happened to my website on Yahoo?

Roger from Woodland Hills, CA

Episode 1037

Roger's website and email has vanished through Yahoo/AT&T. He's frustrated because no one will help him on either end. Leo says that AT&T chose to set his site up with Yahoo and if they're passing the buck, that's unacceptable. Leo says that one thing Roger can do is write a letter to the CEO of Yahoo: Marissa Mayer. She won't handle it, but she has an office that's dedicated to handling these kinds of things. It's worth a shot and let her know that he's losing business. They at least owe him an explanation and if it's an error, they need to fix it.

What's the difference between the Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500?

Episode 1036

Stephanie from Arcadia, CA

Stephanie wants to know what the difference is between the Slingbox 350 and the Slingbox 500. The main two differences is that the Slingbox 500 has Wi-Fi built in, if the cable modem isn't close to the TV, and it's also in HD. So if the modem is close to the TV, Leo thinks she'd be fine getting the Slingbox 350.

How can I get Wi-Fi to work with my cable modem?

Episode 1036

Dan from Hawthorne, CA

Dan has a Kindle Fire HD and he can't connect his tablet to the Internet. Leo says that since Dan bought his own modem, he'll need to call the cable company and give them the MAC address so they can activate that router for use on their service. Once that's done, he'll plug in the cable modem to the router and then put the router into "bridge" mode. Leo advises spending time at Practically Networked. There's some great tutorials there.