Why won't my Android apps close when I shut them down?

Episode 1033

Andrew from Dayton, OH

Andrew has been noticing that when he shuts down Android apps, they still appear to be running when he goes into Manage Apps. Leo says on all mobile devices, there's no need for programs to actually shut down. On modern versions of Android, iOS, and even on Windows 8.1 or RT, apps don't necessarily close. The operating system just takes care of it on its own. When the user does something else, the OS will halt the CPU for that app, reclaim the memory, and eventually close it. It will still be in the "recent apps" section, though, but that's more for the user's convenience.

How can I get iHeartRadio to stop buffering on my Blackberry Bold Touch?

Episode 956

Carl from Canoga Park, CA

Carl got upgraded to the Blackberry Bold Touch, and now iHeartRadio won't stream. It just buffers. Leo says that since it's a company phone, the company may be shaping or blocking access. It may also be that the phone is out of date for the current version of iHeartRadio. It may also be that packets are being dropped by the app and it's causing it to buffer. Leo recommends TuneIn and Pandora apps. They essentially do the same thing.