Why does my refurbished Vizio TV smell like burnt marshmallows?

Episode 1060

David from Reseda, CA
Vizio TV

David bought a refurbished Vizio HDTV and after a few hours of using it, it started to smell. Leo says that really shouldn't happen to the degree that David smells it. His fear is that it will start smoking. Leo's advice is to never buy refurbished devices from a third party. Only buy refurbished from the manufacturer directly. The capacitors may be leaking oil and when heated, could cause the smell. If that's leaking, then it's definitely going to fail. David should try taking it back.

How can I sync audio wirelessly from my TV?

David from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1036

David has two TVs separated by about 25' and connected wirelessly. But one of the TV's receivers is locking up and the audio is out of sync. Leo says that the wireless transmitter/receiver may be failing. Wireless audio syncing is a kind of dark art. Sonos is really good at that. He should check the settings in his Action Tec wireless transmitter. An audio sync device may make a difference.

Should I get a 4K TV?

Dave from Northridge, CA

Episode 1026

Dave wants to know if he should get a 4K TV right now. Leo says no. There's no 4K content right now, nor any easy way to get it. UHD is just not ready for primetime yet. So he can go ahead and get another HDTV. TV manufactures are just trying to get people to buy it because HD sales have plateaued.

Should I buy a 4k TV yet?

Episode 1018

DJ from Las Vegas, NV

DJ has a 1080p Plasma TV and all of his HDMI inputs have all died. According to his research, it's a common issue and it's going to cost him up to $500 to repair. Leo says it was likely a lightning strike that shorted out the controller. So DJ wants to know that since he has to buy a new TV, should he future proof and get a 4k TV?

Scott Wilkinson and Leo's OLED TV

Episode 1009

Scott Wilkinson

Leo says that because of Scott, Leo ended up buying a $9,000 55" OLED HDTV. Leo says it's the best picture he's ever seen. Scott says that we're just now seeing OLED being scaled up to larger displays and over time, the price will drop. But it has no backlighting or edge lighting, and the blacks are pure black. Leo says it's very sophisticated with motion control, and has a voice activated remote. It just needs calibrating and Scott can't wait to do it! Scott also says that OLED's color and contrast also stays the same as you go "off axis" from the center.

Will I be able to use a laser disc and VHS player with an HDTV?

Rob from Lebec, CA

Episode 1006

First, Rob wants to know if there are blu-ray players with passive glasses. Leo says that it isn't the player, it's the TV that handles the 3D. Leo says that Panasonic is the one to go with, and in particular, Plasma.

Will the HDTV accept the RCA jacks from his laser disc and vhs player? Leo says yes, but they won't be all that great looking.

He also wants to know about 16x9 because his last TV was 4:3. He likes the old movies in that format. Leo says that 16:9 is HD's aspect ratio, but he can still watch older movies. They'll just have black bars on the sides.