Would you recommend the Samsung Chromebook?

Episode 1035

Rene from Burbank, CA
Samsung Chromebook

Rene is interested in the Samsung Chromebook, but is wondering what Leo thinks of it. Leo says that they're pretty good, but there's little in the way of software or storage. All work lives in the cloud. The browser is the Chrome OS and that's what she would work on. For most cases, it's fine as she can rely on Google apps. If she wants to do more, though, then it'll be lacking. There's very little she can do offline.

How can I enable Visual Voicemail on my phone?

MaryAnne from Chatsworth, CA

Episode 1034

Maryanne recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and she's missing the visual voice mail alerts. Leo says that may be due to a carrier restriction and may need to be set up with them.

Absent that, Maryanne should go into visual voicemail settings and look for the "display notifications" option. But there isn't a feature to have the phone jump up and grab her attention. One workaround is Google Voice. It will enable her to have a phone message follow her from phone to phone.

What should I get for my first smartphone?

Roseanne from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1031

Roseanne is getting rid of her land line and is trying to decide between T-Mobile with a lot of data and having to buy a phone, or a free phone from AT&T. Leo says it doesn't really matter price wise, because the price is hidden in the contract with the so-called "free phone." It's just financed. T-Mobile is up front.

Leo says the only downside for only having a cell phone is 911. It gets routed to a regional center, which can take longer to get a response. She can, however, register her address with the regional 911 so they know exactly where to send help.

Google Releases Nexus 5 Phone

Episode 1029

Google Nexus 5

Google announced its Nexus 5 smartphone on October 31st. Google has been offering an Android phone that is a "pure Google" experience. It has no extra software from manufacturers or carriers. Google is trying to do two things with this phone -- Show what a phone running stock Android looks like, and to have an inexpensive phone that developers can easily buy and use. This phone costs a mere $349 unsubsidized and without a contract. This is half of the cost of other top of the line phones unsubsidized.

Why can't I delete photos from Picasa on the iPad? (Part 2)

Micheline from Studio City, LA

Episode 1030

Micheline can't erase photos on the iPad from Picasa. Leo says that there's a setting in Picasa that will allow it. Leo also says that Windows photo sync is terrible and iTunes on Windows isn't that great either. That's why Picasa is a better option.

Ideally, though, iTunes and the iPad work best on the Mac. Here's a link that talks about issues and various solutions. There's a photo cache called iPod Photo Cache that she can delete.

Google Releases Nexus 5 Phone

Episode 1027

Google released its next smart phone, called Nexus 5, made by LG. Like the previous Nexus phone, Google sells this unlocked and unsubsidized starting at $349 -- that's nearly half the cost of buying most competing smartphones unsubsidized. Make sure to buy it from the Google Play store though, because other retailers like Best Buy currently sell it for around $700 instead! This may be because there's a longer wait to get it from the Play store at this time.