Android 4.4 Named After Kit-Kat Bar, Will a New Google Nexus Phone Be Announced Next?

Episode 1011

Android 4.4 will be named "Kit-Kat". Google has been naming all of their Android operating systems after desserts, like "Cupcake," "Donut," "Froyo," etc. It's all been generic dessert names, though, until now. There also will be a new Google Nexus phone that Leo guesses will be out in the new few weeks.

What's the best pure Google Android phone?

Julian from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1009

Julian got the Google Nexus 4 pure Android smartphone, and he's ready for a new phone. Leo says that the HTC One is a better option, but it doesn't have removable batteries. He can tweak it for better battery life, though. The Samsung Galaxy SIV has removable batteries, but Leo's not much of a fan of the additional junk Samsung put on it, and the terrible camera.

Secure Your Smartphone

Securing your smartphone is simple, quick, and very important in the event that it gets left behind somewhere or stolen.

The first thing you can do is put a friend or spouse’s phone number on the lock screen of your Android or iOS device. Create an image with a simple message such as “If lost, please return to Me (212)-555-1212.” Then set that image as the lock screen. If your phone lands in the hands of a good samaritan, this will help them get the phone back to you.

Securing an iOS device

How can I get Google to stop displaying results to my unlinked SquareSpace pages?

Episode 1007

Andy from Los Angeles, CA
Man Vs Snake

Andy is a video editor who is creating a documentary about the first player to get a billion points on a video game. He wants to build his own website to advertise it. Should he go with SquareSpace? The problem he's having is that some of the links aren't working right and he hasn't published it just yet. Google is already indexing it, so people are seeing it before it's ready. Leo says that if there's nothing linking to it, then Google won't find it. So, Leo suggests going into the settings to see if there's a "don't index" option until he's ready.

How can I accurately count my podcast downloads?

David from Ithaca, NY

Episode 1006

David has a podcast and he's having a challenge getting the right download numbers from his RSS feed. Leo says that he uses Podtrac's free podcast counting tool which will enable him to count the number of times the podcast gets downloaded. He would just need to add a redirect so it goes though Podtrac to count it and deduplicate the times it's downloaded more than once from the same IP. Then he can get a free report. Google Analytics is also helpful.

Should I switch from iPhone to the Motorola Moto X?

Episode 1006

Brian from Charlotte, NC
Moto X

Brian has had to replace his iPhone 5 five times and is thinking of switching to the Motorola Moto X. Leo says that the Moto X is a great introduction to the Android world because it's a pure Google Android experience without a lot over extras or overlays. The screen is roughly the same, though slightly larger, than the iPhone. It even has similar Siri functions with Google Now.