My Nexus 7 Tablet has Touchscreen problems?

Richard from West LA

Episode 1019

Richard recently bought a Google Nexus 7 and he's having trouble with the touch screen. Leo says that Google has acknowledged the problem and is working to push an update to Android that will solve the issue. He can also just return it and get one that doesn't have the issue. He shouldn't have to wait for an update and it could be a hardware problem. No software patch can fix that.

How can I document my kids growing up so they can see it later?

Josh from High Springs, FL

Episode 1017

Leo says a good way to do this is to create a gmail account for them, and just email photos to it. Then later in life, he can give them access to the account and they can see all their baby pictures. He could also use Facebook's timeline feature, and upload photos to that. The only problem with this is that Facebook requires users to be at least 13, so he'd have to lie to Facebook to create an account for them. Leo says there are sites specifically for this type of thing, but they aren't nearly as likely to stick around as Facebook and Google will.

Google Knows Nearly Every Wi-Fi Password in the World

Episode 1017

A new report indicates that Google may actually have access to Wi-Fi passwords used by every Android user. Whenever a user signs into a new Android device, they enter their Google credentials. Then, Google can find your Wi-Fi network and join it automatically. This can only be done if your Wi-Fi password had been uploaded to Google. Leo says it's convenient, but after all of the news about the NSA surveillance, this is a bit scary too.

What's the story about Google Voice?

Dave from British Columbia, CAN

Episode 1017

Dave is curious about Google Voice, which is being rolled out in Canada. Leo says that Google Voice was originally called Grand Central and was designed to be a cloud based PBX system that could route calls to various phones and voicemail. He could also put a Google Voice app on his smartphone, which would allows him to bypass text message charges. He can also use this to make phone calls. Best of all, it's free!

Google Buys Data Transfer App, Bump

Episode 1015

Google has bought Bump for an undisclosed price, though Leo suspects it's around $100 million. Bump is cool app where you transfer information from one phone to another with a simple "tap" of smartphones. Leo says that the app isn't really needed by Google, but they're after the developers and engineers themselves. That shows how profitable getting into app development can be. Look at Instagram, for example.

How can I organize my photos?

Episode 1013

Dave from Lake Forest, CA

Dave has thousands of pictures, and he would like to organize them in a more sensible way. Leo says that Google Picasa will organize them by date, but he can also create folders by events and password protect them so he can share them with others securely. Picasa will automatically propagate it online. It also has face recognition so that it's easy to find all pictures of an individual. He can even geo tag and organize them.

What can I do with the Google Nexus 7 tablet?

Episode 1012

Richard from Monrovia, CA

Richard bought a new Google Nexus 7 and he's wondering what to do with it. Leo says it's a great content consumption device, including reading ebooks, watching movies, listening to music, surfing the internet, sharing on Facebook, and writing emails. Leo says the first thing to do is create or log into a GMail account. That single sign in will do everything on Google for him.

Is Google reading my email?

Richard from Oxnard, CA

Episode 1012

Richard is concerned that Google will read his email and use his activity for advertising. Leo says that Google only has computers read email, and it does this to filter spam. No human is reading through emails.

The clause that Google will use his activity to advertise means that Google will search his email for keywords, like it does spam filtering, and will customize ads on his page based on that activity. So it's for stuff he could use. It's important to note that nearly every other ISP and service does this as well. And he's getting gmail for free.