digital audio converters

Do I need a digital to analog converter to use a sound bar with an HDTV?

J-Tech Digital Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Episode 1403

Harvey from Pahrump, NV

Harvey wants to get a sound bar for his TV so that dialog will be easier to hear, but his TV doesn't have any analog output. Leo says that since HDTVs are all digital now, there's not much of a reason for manufacturers to put a digital to analog converter inside. The good news is that most sound bars have digital inputs. Harvey already got a J-Tech Digital to Analog Converter.

How can I connect a Lavalier mic to my computer's USB port?

Griffin iMic

Episode 1046

Bob from San Jose, CA

Bob does training videos, and he'd like to get rid of the mic in front of his face. He'd like to use a LAV mic, but he can only hook them up to his camera. How can he plug them into his PC via USB? Leo says there are a lot of USB sound device converters called DACs (digital audio converter) like the Griffin iMic. It costs just $39 and will allow Bob to connect his LAV mic to his PC's USB port.