How can I download photos and images from Google?

Creative Commons

Episode 1477

George from Santa Monica, CA

George is having issues viewing images on Google Images and downloading them. Leo says that was due to users not buying clipart anymore when they can simply go to Google Images and download them for free. He can still save them, but technically it is piracy. That's why Leo recommends going into the tools section under "rights" and selecting "creative commons" or "approved for reuse".

Can I use images under Fair Use?

Episode 1367

George from Santa Monica, CA

George wants to know if he can use copyrighted images on his podcast if he is doing so just to make comments. Leo says that there is something called "Fair Use," which is rather fuzzily mentioned in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It doesn't prevent anyone from suing him, but he can use Fair Use as a defense, if he presents it right. They may sue him if they believe it diminishes the value of the image, though. He won't go to jail or anything, but if he loses, it will cost him. It depends on if he wants to defend himself legally. It's always better to ask permission.

Can companies really say you don't own something you buy because of software?

Episode 1181

Louis from Hollywood, CA

Louis is concerned that John Deere has taken the attitude that farmers don't really own the tractors they buy, and as such, they refuse to provide support to repair the software that drives the tractor. Because computer code snakes through the DNA of modern tractors, farmers receive “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle” but do not own it.

Is it legal for me to download software from the Internet Archive?

WayBack Machine

Episode 1045

John from Poconos, PA

John wants to know if the software available at the Internet Archive is legal to download. Leo says that the Internet Archive is a very interesting project. A record of life in the 20th century. It saves websites, audio, video, and even computer software. It's fantastic. But it may not be legal to download software from it. Since it's archival, Leo says it's probably safe to enjoy since the industry basically ignores it. Sooner or later, it'll have to be addressed by both parties, though.

How can I license music affordably for business?

Episode 970

Petros from Chino Hills, CA

Petros has a fitness business with bootcamps and he has locations all over the world. He wants to deliver a monthly mix tape. Leo says that copyright won't allow that and he'll have to license that music in order to play that in his business.

One way he can bypass it is to use Pandora. Pandora has a business version starting at $25 a month that takes care of all the license fees. XM Satellite radio also has a business service.

Six Strikes Anti Piracy Policy Now in Place

Episode 956

The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is being instituted by ISPs this week, which will create a "six strikes" protocol that will enable ISPs to blacklist you and cause your internet service to be degraded and potentially banned for life. Those who run afoul of CAS will also be required to complete an online copyright prevention class.

Leo says the worst part is that there's no conviction because it isn't a law. This means there's no due process, and that's a crime.

How can I get my Facebook account back?

Episode 955

Hank from Pennsylvania

Hank is a photographer and he was locked out of his Facebook account for posting images he shot at an airshow. Leo says that it may be there was a copyright complaint and Facebook erred on the side of caution. He advises to appeal the Facebook decision. This is one of the reasons why professionals should have a personal webpage to post everything on, and just use social media for marketing purposes. He should always drive traffic to his own portals, that way he's not reliant on Facebook.