Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1153

Scott continues his CES retrospective, but now he's got the 'CES Crud,' which you usually get when you travel to Las Vegas with 100,000 of your closest friends. Scott found it interesting that curved panels are all the rage, especially in Korea and China. Meanwhile, Japan still hangs on to flat screens.

Do anyone even need to go to CES anymore?

CES 2015

Episode 1152

Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ

Chip wants to know if anyone really needs to attend CES anymore since everything is available online. Leo says not really. He sends people to cover it. It's a great experience to go at least once. It's out of control, and there's so much to see. But Chip could pretty much see everything virtually now and doesn't need to feel the pressure to attend every single year.

CES Is Over, and Here's What We Saw

UHD TV at CES 2015

Episode 1152

The big story at CES 2015 was in drones, virtual reality headsets, and 4K TVs. The big news with the 4K TVs is that we may finally have a standard for the ultra high definition sets, as a UHD alliance has been formed and UHD Blu-ray players finally had a standard adopted. But they won't be available until the fall. The standard defines the dynamic range and color gamut, as well as the compression algorithm, which is HEVC/H.265.

Is the new Bitdefender Box legit?

Episode 1151

Tom from Warren, OH

Tom saw a new box from Bitdefender at CES that promises to be in between the internet and the computer and cleanses all traffic. The box connects to the router and it will prevent malware from getting through. They plan to ship it for $200. Leo says the premise of this is good, but may not necessarily be better than a software antivirus because if software doesn't know about a virus, neither will the physical box. We can't even be sure it will ship at all at this point either.

Scott Wilkinson at CES 2015

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1151

Scott has spent the last week at CES and he put 28 miles on his feet in 5 days! What was the big news? Scott says that the biggest announcement was the formation of the UHD Alliance, an organization formed to create standards for 4K transmission and content. The new specs need to have dynamic range and color gamut kept in mind. Right now, content is graded and mastered from HD standards of the last 10 years. But now, the UHD Alliance, which consists of studios, TV makers, and content distributors, will get together to create a 4K standard, and you'd be stunned how great it looks.

IFA Begins in Europe, and It's Becoming More Like CES

Mobile Phone

Episode 1115

The IFA convention is happening in Europe, and Leo says it's becoming more and more like CES. Right now is the ideal time for it as it as the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Of course, there's always a lead-in of about a year from product announcement to seeing it in stores. So what's previewed this year will be out next year. Except for Apple, which typically releases its phones 10 days after the announcement.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1049

3Doodler allows people to create amazing 3D objects without the restrictions of complicated software. The pen melts mini-plastic straw and can build things by painting with plastic. Dick says there's a learning curve, but it's great fun.
They're also planning on silicone accessories to help make 3D designs. It's $99 with 25 10" pieces of filament. Leo says you probably go through them like crazy!

Find out more at www.the3doodler.com/

What can I do with an old FloTV?

Episode 1048

Chris from Culver City, CA

A few years back, Chris bought a FloTV, which took CES by storm with the potential of mobile television. It eventually died, but he made a few hundred off it when they closed the business. Now Chris wants to know if there's anything he could use it for. Leo says not really. There isn't anything on the net, at least. But at least Chris got a few months of use and even made some cash on it! Leo says that's why you should take emerging technologies at CES with a grain of salt.