What rear camera can I get for the back of my truck?

Pat from Victorville, CA

Episode 1507

Pat recently bought a fifth wheel trailer and he wants to have a rear mounted camera that he can see from the cabin. He'd like to spend around $150. Leo says that cameras are cheap. The money is in how it's installed and connected. Many cameras use wifi though, and that could cost you some extra money as well. Leo says he had a backup camera that he installed into the license plate frame and it used a wireless connection. Esky is the brand. Then your phone or tablet becomes your screen. The 4UCam is a good wifi backup camera as well. Pyle is another good brand. All under $100.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1506

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt says that mobile phone camera development has really improved over the years, and now we have two, three, or even four cameras to add a sense of depth. Now there's a camera that has 16 camera lenses built into the back! The camera is called the Light L16, and it's designed so that each lens will provide data to create depth of field, as well as changing the focus and aperture settings of the camera after the fact. Chris says it's an interesting concept and the hardware is very impressive.

Can I run a Wyze Cam from my desktop?

Episode 1504

Ed from Illinois
Wyze Cam

Ed bought a Wyze Cam, but he doesn't have a smartphone to control it. Leo says that he would need to get a cell phone or at least a tablet for it to work. eBay is a good place to get one for cheap. Can he run it from a computer using BSD? Leo says probably not. BSD is a good OS, but it's not used by very many people. Also, Wyze hasn't created a desktop app yet.

He could use an Android emulator like Bluestacks, but he may need Windows or Linux to run it.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1488

Chris says that no matter what camera you have, these tips will help someone get a better picture. Point. Think. Shoot. Have a clear subject. How does the subject relate to the photo within the space? Spacing can vary within a frame and can tell the story in and of itself. Balance is important and when one changes the balance of a photo, it can actually change the feeling of the image. Balance also makes a photo more pleasing to look at. If photographers have several subjects in the frame, how do they manage the space between them? Do they know each other? Are they family?

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1476

Chris Marquardt

Chris went on a sailing adventure into Svalbard and the North Sea. It was remarkably cold and stormy. Camera batteries tend to die quickly in cold weather, so you want to be sure you have backups and keep them warm in your pockets. Cold weather can cause some condensation on your camera when you go from the cold outdoors to the warmer indoors. So you when you come in, you'll want to let the camera sit and warm up before using it. Chris also brought a shower cap, which you can use to protect your camera and it doesn't take up any space.

How can I put a polarizing filter on my point and shoot camera?

Episode 1462

John from Long Beach, CA
Neutral density filter

John wants to know how he can add a polarizing filter to his point and shoot camera. Leo says some of the point and shoots have screws on the front that would allow him to add a filter, which is the easiest way to do it. There's a variety of polarizing filter he could get, and generally, he'd want a circular one. If he doesn't have threads on the point and shoot, he'll need some way to mount it on there. John also looked at a magnetic filter, but his camera doesn't have that either.

Why don't new DSLR cameras have screens that swivel on the back?

Episode 1445

Mark from Singapore
Nikon D850

Leo isn't sure why more manufacturers don't have this, but his Sony A9 does have that. He can hold up the camera above his head and still see what he's shooting, or hold it down by his waist. It's great to be able to get different perspectives like that. Ironically both Canon and Nikon offer movable screens on their low-end cameras, but Mark wants one on a full-format prosumer model. Leo saw a report from Canon Rumors that Canon has patented a very large swivel display for a 1DX style mirrored camera. They don't offer it yet, but they have the patent.

What camera should I buy for live streaming?

Episode 1441

Bruce from Hisperia, CA
Joby GorillaPod

Bruce's daughter plays D&D and her group would like to stream their games online. They need a mic for the group. Leo says that the best option for them is Mevo. It has a wide-angle array mic and it has a camera built in that can be controlled via an iPad. It's 4K that streams over 1080p. It can even follow subjects around, and because it's 4K, Bruce's daughter could use the resolution to create a second camera up close. It's a great option. It's $400. There's also a $100 Black Friday deal going on right now.

What happened to camcorders?

Episode 1429

Vinesh from Riverside, CA
Canon Vixia camcorder

Vinesh has noticed that nobody calls about camcorders anymore. Leo says that the show evolves as technology evolves. It used to be primarily about Windows issues. Then it transitioned to internet issues. Then just about any hardware imaginable including cameras, mobile phones and the like. So it evolves constantly because technology is constantly evolving. Now that camcorders are becoming less useful due to how good the cameras have gotten in mobile phones, we don't get those calls much.