call blocking

Why can't I block spam calls?

Man Yelling at Phone

Episode 1437

Omar from La Mirada, CA

Omar keeps getting spam calls and he can't block them because they keep spoofing the number. Leo says it's called Neighbor Spoofing because they use a number that sounds like it comes from his neighborhood. It's illegal, but good luck trying to catch them. The problem is that spoofing a phone number is very easy. The caller ID is useless. And there's no real way to block them. He can at least complain to YouTube and they will pull his channel down since he's breaking the law by posting recordings of the calls.

How can I stop unwanted calls?

Episode 1215

Pat from Anaheim, CA

Pat has been dealing with someone targeting her with phone calls. Leo says it's not likely a stalker, but there's a scam called 'call spoofing' that uses robo dialers to try and get you to answer. But she says that they can break into an existing call. Leo says that's likely call waiting. There's not much to be done about these calls. Pat can try and block the call on her cell phone. She can also try and change her phone number, but that likely won't help either. Pat should contact her cellphone provider and see what solutions they can offer.