blu-ray players

Why won't my Blu-ray player work?

Samsung Blu-ray player

Episode 1433

Jim from Pennsylvania

Jim had an internet outage and now his Samsung Blu-ray player won't play due to copy protection. Leo says that's because that Blu-ray player is connected to the internet for copy protection to make sure it's not playing a pirated DVD. There's a tech note about that on Linksys' site here. It first appeared seven years ago and it keeps rearing it's ugly head every time there's an outage.

Why is my SmarTV browser out of date?

LG Blu-ray Player

Episode 1427

Manny from Florida

Manny has an LG 4K TV and Blu-ray player. But when he uses the web browser, he gets a message that it's out of date. Leo says that's not surprising and he doesn't think he can solve that issue since browsers in Blu-ray Players aren't updated all that much. Manny should try using the browser in his SmarTV. It uses WebOS and that's supposed to be update-able. At least it should be updated more often than his Blu-ray.

What should I look for in a DVD player?

Samsung Blu-ray player

Episode 1403

Jason from Chino, CA

Jason is looking for a good DVD player, but he's worried that his DVD player will be locked to the wrong region. Leo says that region coding was designed to prevent movies from being copied and shared around the world before the movies were released. The trend now is that movies get released worldwide now, so region coding is going to be gradually going away. He'll just have to be sure he doesn't get a used DVD player from another region. He won't want a PAL player in the US, for instance. He'll want NTSC. Or, he should make sure to get a multi region DVD player.

Why does my blu-ray player freeze up?

Episode 1107

Sara from Santa Monica, CA

Sara's Blu-ray player freezes up about an hour in and won't go forward. Leo says that Blu-ray players are essentially computers and it could easily be that the laser is dirty or damaged. And blu-ray players are cheap, so just buy another one. But if it's part of your Sony PS3, then it would be worth getting it cleaned. But a stand alone Blu-ray player? Just replace it. The chatroom also says that a firmware update could be necessary.

What's causing the audio issues in my Blu-ray player?

Sony Blu-Ray Player

Episode 1065

David from Harbor City, CA

David has a Blu-ray player in his home theater that can run Netflix. When he switches back to TV, he's getting audio issues, though. Leo says that he has a similar problem and it's the TV set that tells the receiver what audio to play. It's a fault in the hand shaking and Leo says it's very common. Leo also advises making sure his HDMI cable is secure. Often it can get loose, causing connection errors. Make sure everything is plugged in solid. There's also issues in shifting from 720p-1080i-1080p. Scott thinks it may be a fault in the cable box.

I have a blu-ray player for my PC, but why won't it play my blu-ray discs?

Episode 950

Aaron B from Mesa, Az

Aaron B bought a blu-ray player for his PC, but he can't watch his blu-ray discs on his computer because of a missing codec. He will need a DVD player utility that will handle blu-rays. VLC player will play it, but he may need to download codecs. Check out Slysoft. POWER DVD by Cyberlink is probably the best one, though.

Why does the screen suddenly go black on my LG blu-ray player?

LG Blu-ray player

Episode 949

Mark from Temecula, CA

Mark's blu-ray player frequently will lose picture, but the audio will continue. David has had trouble with LG players and although it sounds like an HDCP issue (copy protection), it should affect both, not just one. It would be a good idea to borrow another blu-ray player and see if he can eliminate the TV as the culprit. Also, update the firmware if he can.

Are more expensive Blu-ray players worth the money?

OPPO BDP-103 Universal 3D Blu-ray Disc Player

Episode 927

Corneilius from San Diego, CA

Corneilius is thinking of getting an Oppo Blu-ray player to go with his new Marantz AV7701 home theater unit. Scott says that the Oppo is a great player, but the image quality won't be that much better than a less expensive brand. Ross says that the Oppo, though, does a far superior job of up-converting a conventional DVD signal to HD.