What site should I use for blogging while on vacation?

Episode 1416

Bob from Los Angeles, CA
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Bob and his wife are going on an around the world cruise for six months and they want to write a daily blog of their adventure. The problem he has is that it's difficult to upload video and photos for the blog. Leo says that will be the issue when using cruise line internet. It's very slow since it uses satellite. It's also not cheap. But many cruise lines are moving towards a service called VOOM, which is as fast as a home broadband connection. What Leo does is upload to Google Photos before he goes to bed.

How can I backup my blog?

Episode 1109

Louis from Peterborough, ON, Canada

Louis has a Wordpress blog and wants to know what the best option is for backing it up. Leo says that if his ISP or blog service doesn't offer a backup, then he's on his own. There are Wordpress plugins that do this and Leo uses them as a second line of defense. It essentially backs up the Blog database and customization. It would let him know by email when it backs up and when it fails.

How can I adjust sizes of images in my blog?

Ofer from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1090

Ofer is going to be reviewing websites and wants to link them by a thumbnail. He makes two images and it's just too much work. Leo says that using HTML and adjusting the resolution will work. It loads a full image, but shrinks it down to thumbnail size until they click on it. Very easy.

He can also do batch resizing. Irfanview is a great choice for that. Wordpress or Jumla has the option to do it rather simply as well. But when he inputs the link in HTML, he can specify height and width and it'll appear smaller.

Yahoo Announces Redesigned Flickr With 1TB of Free Storage

Episode 981

Yahoo has announced a gorgeous new redesign of Flickr giving users 1TB of free storage.

In addition, Yahoo announced the purchase of Tumblr for $1.1 Billion. The news was met with many faithful Tumblr users declaring they were quitting. WordPress said that in the first hour after the announcement, over 72,000 users moved their Tumblr blogs over to Leo says that it's a cagey move to buy Tumblr, as the young demographic is abandoning sites like Facebook and moving to Tumblr, Twitter and Snapchat.