artificial intelligence

What voice assistant is best for artificial intelligence?

Episode 1435

Robert from Mira Mesa, CA
Google Home

Robert wants a voice assistant that has the best artificial intelligence. He wants to be able to ask it a variety of different questions about the news. Leo says the Google Home is the winner in that category, but the Amazon Echo is the only device that lets you shop on Amazon. Amazon is also very good with music, and simple commands like setting a timer, and home automation tasks. There's also more than 50,000 third party skills on the Echo. The problem is that it's hard to find skills, and then he'd have to learn the specific syntax to use that skill.

Elon Musk is Worried about an AI Apocalypse

Episode 1406

Artificial Intelligence

Elon Musk is afraid that machines are getting smarter and smarter and he worries that they are an existential threat to humanity and may decide that they can rule over us or even worse, get rid of us. Leo thinks Musk has watched too many movies. Rodney Brooks, an artificial intelligence expert from MIT, said most people worried about that aren't working in AI, and he says that they aren't too worried because AI is too hard to perfect. Most are limited machines who can't move beyond their programming. It's a thin veneer of what looks like AI, but in reality, machines are pretty dumb.

Silicon Valley Gurus Pledge $1 Billion to Develop the Next Artificial Intelligence

Episode 1245

Elon Musk, along with other Silicon Valley gurus, have pledged $1 Billion to develop the next artificial intelligence. This will be an 'open' AI, and the idea is to not let any one company dominate the research for it. We want this AI to benefit humanity. It's non-profit, it vows to make its results public, and its patents will be royalty free, all to ensure that the scary prospect of computers surpassing human intelligence will not be the dystopia that some people fear.