Can I use the Apple Watch as a voice recorder?

Episode 1255

Ellie from Honolulu, HI
Just Press Record on Apple Watch

Ellie wants to know how to use the Apple Watch as a voice recorder. Leo says that she can get an iPhone app called Just Press Record that will connect to her Apple Watch and use it as a recorder. It costs $2.99. It transmits the recording both to the iPhone and the Cloud. She can even share the recording via email. There's also an OS X version for $4.99.

How can I trust apps in the App Store?

Jay from Providence, NC

Episode 1255

Jay wants to try out new apps, but how can he trust the developers, especially if he has to pay for it? Leo says he longs for the old days of shareware. But then again, security wasn't an issue back then. Leo says that OS X Yosemite and above has a Gatekeeper setting for the App store that can filter out all but Mac App Store Identified developers. This is like a certification, which gives him a bit of more confidence on the developers.

What eBook reader will read aloud to me?

Episode 1246

Gail from Covina, CA
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Gail is looking to get a Kindle eBook reader and she wants one that can read to her. Leo says that the Kindle is good, but she doesn't really have to buy a separate eBook reader for that. The Kindle App can read to her as well, because it has something called Whisper Sync. She'll just have to be sure she buys the eBook that has an audio book option, and not all do. But Leo says that the Kindle Paperwhite is a great option.

How can I keep track of my driving mileage?

Episode 1245

Steven from Seattle, WA

Steven travels for business and he wants to be able to automatically track his mileage. Leo suggests the Automatic. It plugs into the car's OBD2 port and it keeps track of mileage, will tell him what error codes mean, calculate gas mileage, and even estimate how much mileage he has left before he runs out of gas. Leo likes that it specifically tracks mileage for business vs. personal. It'll even let him know where his car is. There are also apps that will work with Automatic.

Is it possible to text from an iPod?

Episode 1233

John from Rosemead, CA

John's niece just got an iPod Touch and she wants to message her parents who have Android phones. What are her options? Leo says that Apple has really screwed this up by not making iMessages apps for other platforms like Android. It's a great idea to save money, but Apple has forced users to use the same platform, and it's not possible to text an Android phone with it. That means that they'll have to use a third party messaging app. Leo likes Telegram.

How can I use my camera and not stop listening to music or podcasts?

Episode 1230

Jim from Lakewood, CO
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Jim bought an Apple Watch and he uses it to control Leo's podcast. But he says that when he takes a picture on his phone, the podcast pauses. Leo says that Apple pauses the podcast when opening the camera because he may want to record video, and that requires the microphone. So anything playing in the background stops as a result. And using the iPhone 6s has the Live Photos video setting, which requires it.