What apps can I use to sell stuff on eBay?

Russ from Clairmont, CA

Episode 1184

Russ is trying to sell a bunch of things in eBay and it's a rather clunky process. Third party solutions aren't really helping either. Is there an app that he can use to batch sell items on eBay? Leo says that there are services that can just do it for him for a price, and that is often the easiest way to solve it. The chatroom says InkFrog is one solution.

Will my photos disappear if I delete my Google Plus app?

Walter from Huntington, WV

Episode 1183

Walter wants to know if all the images that he uploads to Google Plus will stay there if he deletes the Google Plus app. Leo says yes, they will stay there. It only deletes the data stored on the iPhone (i.e. cookies, etc). Google Plus is a great way to back up photos, as is Microsoft's OneDrive. With OneDrive, if he wants Microsoft Office, he'll have unlimited storage.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1183

This week, Johnny is river cruisin' in Germany and he calls in video using a 5G phone. How does a river cruise compare to an ocean cruise? Johnny says that river cruises are the biggest thing right now. There are hundreds of ships going down rivers and it can be a traffic problem in the future, especially in the summer. There's no worry about sinking, you don't get sea sick, and you usually have cell service the entire way. It's a great way to cruise. Another great benefit is that you can rent a bicycle from the ship to go anywhere when docked.

Do I need apps in Windows 10?

Bob from Seattle, WA

Episode 1183

Bob downloaded the preview copy of Windows 10 and he's not sure why he even needs "apps" at all. Most of the things he does he can do with the web app. He also uses his iPad for anything he needs apps for. Leo says this is why Microsoft felt pressured to change Windows to be more tablet centric, and it cost them. They didn't want to abandon desktop users and leave them behind, so they created a hybrid OS for both desktop and tablets with Windows 8, and people hated it.

Why did Mint alert me of a low balance 2 weeks late?

Bennie from Pasadena, CA

Episode 1182

Mint is a website and app that was bought by Intuit, the makers of the popular Quicken program. Instead of having to enter in every transaction manually, Mint can automatically categorize your transactions and show account information. It's secure and safe, but sometimes Mint's notifications are late. Bennie doesn't have to worry though, Mint is secure.

Why doesn't my banking app work on my Windows Phone?

Episode 1181

Zach from Encinitas, CA
Windows Lumia 540

Zach has a Windows Lumia phone and he's heard that Chase is going to stop allowing access to his mobile app. Leo says that's because while the Windows phone OS is a great OS, there's simply not enough people using it to justify the effort. Banking apps have to announce and kill apps because of security issues. He may still be able to use online banking through the phone's browser, though.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1175

Johnny is calling in from Lake Louise in Banff, Canada today. Johnny has been Periscoping and Meerkating and he likes it, especially because they don't record it. It's like Snapchat for video. This week's travel tips:

Apps - GasGuru. It shows gas prices all around the country, and is easy to use. You can get the best price, and it's great for road trips. Available in iOS and Android.