Why does my cell signal drop out while streaming?

Travis from Pullman, WA

Episode 1201

Travis listens to music via the Tune-In radio app. But he's been trying out a new app that is centric to his favorite radio show and his cell connection dies. Leo says this isn't unusual with personal apps. It's likely just bad programming. Bugs happen and it helps to enlist people who do software as their primary job. A radio DJ is great at radio, while a programmer has the edge with making apps. Another issue, however, is that the cell provider provides data to him in "bursts" and if the app can't handle that, then it will have issues.

How can I change my iPhone's keyboard to alphabetic type?

Episode 1196

Guy from Ventura, CA

Guy wants to change his keyboard to an ABCDEF type keyboard. Leo says that's not a good idea because QWERTY is the standard everywhere. But Leo can see why it would be beneficial from an accessibility point of view.

There is a site called AppleVis which talks about an ABCDEF keyboard for iOS devices and Apple just opened up iOS8 for third party keyboards. So it's only a matter of time before someone writes one.

How do I download my photos from Google Photos?

Walter from Huntington, WV

Episode 1194

Walter has used the new Google Photos app and he wants to know how to download photos from it. Leo says it's not immediately obvious, but in the share photo feature of the app, there's an option to save it to camera roll. It's in the lower left of the iOS app. Walter can also select multiple images and save them in the same manner. If he doesn't see it, then he's probably not given the app permission to have access to his photos. So go into the settings and enable that. Then it should allow him to save to the camera roll.

What apps can I use to sell stuff on eBay?

Russ from Clairmont, CA

Episode 1184

Russ is trying to sell a bunch of things in eBay and it's a rather clunky process. Third party solutions aren't really helping either. Is there an app that he can use to batch sell items on eBay? Leo says that there are services that can just do it for him for a price, and that is often the easiest way to solve it. The chatroom says InkFrog is one solution.