How can I get an app made?

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1074

Kevin has an idea for several apps and wants to know how he can get them made, and then get a patent on them. Leo says that it's easier to get a patent if he has a working app. But app ideas can be patented with a sketched out concept as well. But this is also what creates patent troll lawsuits. Where could he find coders for making the app? Leo recommends There are good and affordable programmers there. There's also StackExchange.

Google's Update to Its Gmail iOS App Raises Privacy Concerns

Episode 1072

Gmail iOS

The latest version of Gmail's iOS app will not only support background app refresh, but also will provide for sign in across all Google apps. This means that once a user signs into gmail, he or she is automatically signed into all Google apps. This also works for signing out. This is leaving users up in arms over the fact that Google is even more intrusive in their daily mobile lives. Users are also complaining that the app refresh will eat up more battery power. In Europe, countries are investigating Google over privacy issues as a result.

Johnny Jet

Episode 1071

Johnny Jet has a great travel tip - always target business hotels on weekends. They tend to be empty and offer great deals. Johnny also says that Uber is a great app and car service for renting cars in San Francisco. Leo says he likes Uber's car service a lot because it's a comfortable ride. But there's controversy because it's not bonded and many cities have banned them. Johnny also says that LAX won't allow Uber drivers because it gets a piece of all taxi fees.

Johnny Jet in Dodger Blue

Episode 1067

Johnny Jet flew Down Under to Australia to watch a special baseball that matched the LA Dodgers against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Johnny has a fun app called Quiz Up, which helps wile away the hours while traveling. Leo says he loves Quiz up and gets thousands of challenges. Leo also says you have to make sure you have a good internet connection, so it may not be ideal for traveling. Leo advises 2048 and Rails. Both are fun, but addicting.

Secret App Allows Users to Post Anonymously

Episode 1066

Secret - Speak Freely

iPhone app "Secret" allows users to share posts anonymously with friends. After its installed, it looks at your contact list, and will show you whether secrets come from a friend, a friend of a friend, or someone else. It also allows you to comment anonymously on secrets. This is a new category for anonymous apps, and there's a debate going on about whether or not this is encouraging a lot of negative behavior.

What's a good alternative to the Stanza, the reader app that was pulled?

Rusty from Chatsworth, CA

Episode 1063

Rusty got a new iPad, but his favorite reader, Stanza, has been pulled. Leo says that's too bad because Stanza was a great reader. Rusty is also annoyed because he bought it. Leo says that there's a Wikipedia article that compares all the eBook reader software. Leo does like the Kindle reader. KYBook Reader is good. It supports just about everything.