How can I offer GPS tracking of pets?

Episode 1096

Glenda from Orange County, CA

Glenda is a dog walker and she wants a GPS tracker that her clients can access so they can see where their dogs are. Leo says that's a nice idea. Most smartphones can do it, and there's a great app called Glympse she can use. It's on Android and iOS she can share her location in real time on Google Maps. Waze also has GPS tracking.

Garmin also has GPS trackers for dogs that she can place on dog collars.

Is it safe to get my apps from Amazon?

Ron from Downey, CA

Episode 1095

Ron hears that Amazon offers apps for free every day. Is that safe or should he just buy them from Google Play? Leo says that Amazon is not only safe, but probably safer than Google Play itself because they vet every app. And it's not like he's getting his apps from "Joe's apps" or anything.

Ron will have to go into the settings and enable the ability to get apps from other stores. That's safe to do as long as he is careful. Amazon is perfectly safe, though.

How can I replace the calendar on the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Episode 1094

Ruth from Los Angeles, CA
Sunrise Calendar

Ruth just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S5 and she's having issues with seeing her calendar. Leo says that Samsung has replaced Google's calendar with its own and he doesn't like it. Leo suggests getting a third party calendar. He likes Sunrise.

Sunrise is an awesome, free calendar that will sync to Google calendar and contacts directly. That's why Google has pushed for Samsung and other manufactures to offer Google editions of their phones.

New App Does Only One Thing -- Sends a "Yo" to Friends

Episod 1093

A new iPhone app called "Yo." is available in the iTunes app store, and just sends a message that says "Yo" to friends. The idea is that "Yo" could mean anything, and even is used in other countries around the world as a greeting. It's supposed to be a simple way to tell someone you're thinking of them, and the time at which it is sent gives it context.

Johnny Jet

Episod 1093

Johnny Jet

When is the cheapest time to buy tickets for Europe? Johnny says that summer is prime time, but prices dip in August as the summer season is winding down. It's also the best time to travel because it's the off season and the weather is great. Johnny also saw this video of a guy who was stuck in the airport by himself and lip synced to All by Myself by Celine Dion. It's hysterical and you can see it here -