How can I get an app made?

David from California

Episode 1374

David has an idea for an app. Now what? Can he get a company to make the app and pay him a royalty? Leo says that honestly, app ideas are a dime a dozen. it's the execution that's really more important. The idea alone is not enough. But assuming the idea is marketable, you then need a partner that can not only build the app, and you can hire them via eLance, but you will need someone who can market it. Look for partners, instead of a hired gun. Think of it more as building a business, more than an app. Then you're ahead of the game.

SNAP IPO Launches at $17 a Share, with $34 Billion Value

Episode 1368

Snap's IPO was launched yesterday, selling at $17 a share, with total value of $34 Billion. That's a heck of a lot for a single app called Snapchat. But is it worth more than Marriot? Leo says it's rather over valued. Why is it so high in value? Leo says that people wants to know how to reach young people and Snapchat is where the kids are. Kids don't watch TV anymore, they watch YouTube and talk amongst themselves. And Snapchat is their platform.

Why are my contacts wrong in WhatsApp?

Episode 1361

Marty from Los Angeles, CA
WhatsApp on Android

Marty uses WhatsApp with his family, but when he gets a call from someone, it has been displaying the wrong contact. Leo says that WhatsApp looks to the phone's contacts in order to identify who's in it. Marty's personal number may have gotten added to another contact, and all he needs to do is delete his number from that specific contact and it should be fine. Leo says it's probably just a messed up database.

How can I take notes about each photo as I take them?

Episode 1359

Brian from Santa Clarita, CA
Timebox app

Brian is a photography fan and he shoots pictures on cruises. He wants to know how to manage the information about the photos he's taking, though. Is there an app or some solution for taking detailed notes while he's shooting images? How can he merge that with his images? Leo says he can take video for a few seconds to talk about the details he needs. He already will get a ton of information from the EXIF data, which will also give him the GPS coordinates. There may be some apps for this as well.

White House Releases Augmented Reality App

Episode 1346

1600 app

The White House has released an augmented reality app. The app called "1600" allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet and a $1 bill to take a tour of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Leo believes it's far more useful than virtual reality.

Microsoft is the first to leverage augmented reality with HoloLens. It's currently $3,000, but that should get cheaper soon. Leo says he wouldn't be surprised to see if plummet in price by next year.

How can I back up GoPro photos to iCloud and Google?

Episode 1344

Carlos from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
iCloud Photo Library

Carlos has an iPhone 6 and a GoPro camera. He wants to be able to upload photos from both devices to his iCloud Photo Library and his Google Photos library. Leo says that's easy with the GoPro app on the iPhone. Then he can save them to his camera roll and upload it to iCloud. Then he can use the Google Photos app to upload all of them. The other option is to plug the microSD card into his computer and upload them that way.