Why does my Facebook app automatically play videos?

Episode 1112

Bill from Emerson, AR

Bill is having issues with Facebook's latest version of the smartphone app because the videos autoplay and it's hitting his bandwidth caps. Leo says that Facebook is planning to do that so that they can sell advertising on user's feeds. While Leo believes that Facebook needs to monetize in order to pay the bills and stay in operation, it also has a social contract with it's members not to do such things that impact their own bottom line. It's a shame that they don't see that. The good news is, he can go into the settings for his app and turn off autoplay.

Facebook Messenger Invades Privacy, Kills Battery Life

Episode 1108

Facebook Messenger

Leo decided to try out Facebook Messenger this week since Facebook has decided to force users to use it instead of the regular Facebook app for private messages. Leo says that not only does the app deplete your battery by constantly monitoring your activity and location, but you also can't turn off notifications on messages for longer than 8 hours in the app. As a result, Leo was more than happy to delete both the Messenger app and the Facebook app from his phone. He'll just continue to use Facebook on the desktop instead.

What tablet should I get for reading sheet music in PDFs?

Wes from Piedmont, VA

Episode 1105

Wes is in the market for a tablet for reading music. Leo says that while there are tablets that cost less that can do that, Leo advises to use the iPad. There are so many apps that are musician centric, including transribing music, many musicians are now using iPads rather than having sheet music when they play in a performance. So the iPad is really the best option for that because it'll do so much more. And it's worth spending the extra costs. And you don't need the latest. An iPad 3 would work just fine.