Why doesn't Apple have more accessibility options in iOS?

Andrew from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1082

Andrew doesn't like how the app store on the iPad utilizes the screen real estate. Leo says Apple has to make things big and take up space because it has to be large enough to tap with fingers. He also isn't thrilled with the new design that puts light grey or blue text on a white background. Leo says Apple does a better job with accessibility than most companies, but it's still not perfect. Leo suggests writing to Apple about his accessibility issues.

What computer should I get for photo editing?

Mark from Riverside, CA

Episode 1081

Mark just bought a camera and is looking for a computer that he could edit photos on. He's currently using an older HP computer. Leo says he thinks a Mac would be good for this. The reason he likes Mac is because people have so many problems with viruses and malware on Windows. The Mac also has better color accuracy, unless he spends a lot of money on a Windows machine and pays attention to the monitor that it comes with. He can run Adobe Lightroom on Mac or PC, also, so chances are the software he uses will be available on Mac.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1081

Scott joins us to talk about Apple's acquisition of Beats headphones, which Leo says is far more marketing than acquiring a high performance technology. He equated it to Monster cables. Scott agrees. Leo is happy, however, that headphones are making a comeback over earbuds, which really don't give music their due. Scott's favorites are the B&W P5 and the PSB M4U. They're a few hundred bucks. Leo also says that Beats has educated people to accept that high quality headphones will cost you, but it's worth it.

Samsung vs Apple Verdict In: Apple Awarded $119 Million

Episode 1079


There have now been two lawsuits between Apple and Samsung. The first was in trade dress, or the "look and feel" of the phone. The jury awarded Apple over $1 billion, siding with Apple that Samsung stole the design. In this most recent lawsuit, the jury wasn't as much in favor of Apple. They awarded Apple $119 million, which fell short of the $2.2 billion Apple was seeking. The jury also found that Apple infringed on one of Samsung's patents, and gave Samsung $158,400.

When is the new iPhone coming?

Jack from Pennsicola, FL

Episode 1078

Jack wants to know when the new iPhone is coming. Leo says the rumors are that the new iPhone 6 will have a larger screen (finally). But they're still just rumors. And Apple never really leaks out dates of when it will come out. If we look to the past on how Apple has released iPhones, we can get a fairly good guess. It's usually around September. There's not much more they can do with it since it's a mature product.

Nike Lays Off FuelBand Team, Puts Future of Product in Doubt

Episode 1076

Nike Fuelband

CNet broke the story that Nike has laid off the entire Fuelband team and plans to kill the product. Leo says that Nike released a statement that they will continue to support the Fuelband for the foreseeable future. Leo thinks this is in large part due to the audience figuring that Apple will own this market later in the year with its own fitness based iWatch product.