Apple Watch Announcement Elicits Angry Reactions from Some

Episode 1170

Gold Apple Watch

Although the announcement of the Apple Watch wasn't really breaking news since they showed it off last year, the fact that it can cost as high as $17,000 has prompted many to take to the internet and share their outrage over what they view as a waste of money. Leo says that since most of the models are over $1,000 (the entry level model starts at $349), it does seem pricey.

Fully Uninstall Mac Applications

Uninstalling a Mac application seems like an easy task -- just drag the icon from the Applications folder to the trash. This doesn't get rid of all of the files associated with that application, however. It might not always be necessary to get rid of all of an app's remnants, but if you're trying to reinstall an app that isn't working properly, you may need to take some extra steps first.

How can I fix the video issues on my Mac?

Episode 1168

Ken from Chicago, IL
Apple MacBook Pro

Ken has a 2010 MacBook Pro that gets display errors all the time. Leo says that Apple has issued a recall on those MacBooks and will repair or replace it. He should go into About This Mac, and click the Service tab. This will tell him if it's available for recall. Ken's computer isn't covered under that program, and since he put an SSD in it, Apple won't service it. Leo says to take out the new SSD and put the old drive back in. Get it fixed and then put the SSD back in.

Will Apple ever update the iPod Touch?

Episode 1168

David from Hollywood, CA
Apple iPod Touch

David has an old iPod running iOS 6. Will there be a new iPod coming soon? Leo does think so. He thinks that Apple is pretty much ending development of the iPod since so many are buying iPhones now.

David could still buy an iPhone and just not activate it. Leo suggests going to Gazelle and buying a used, unactivated iPhone 5 or 5S. Then he'll be able to run iOS 8, just like an iPod. Leo says another option is T-Mobile's unlimited texting and data plan that costs $30 a month and has about 100 minutes of talk time.

Should I buy a new MacBook Pro or wait?

Episode 1167

Martin from Santa Barbara, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Martin is into macro photography and he's getting into Adobe Lightroom. He's thinking of upgrading his Mac, and is wondering if Leo thinks Apple will release a new version of the MacBook Pro at the media event Monday the 9th. Leo doesn't think Apple would do that, but no one knows and it would actually be a good time for it. Apple was waiting for the new Intel laptop chips, which have now come out at CES. Dell, Lenovo, and HP have all built Windows machines with the 5th generation Intel processors, code named "Broadwell." So Leo expects Broadwell based MacBooks soon.

Apple Watch to Debut Monday, but Probably Won't Be Available Yet

Episode 1167

Apple Watch

Apple will no doubt officially debut the Apple Watch on Monday at its Spring event, but chances are you won't be able to get it right away. We will learn more about it though, namely how much it will cost. There will be six watches, in three different styles -- a sport model, stainless steel, and a gold watch. The gold watch has been estimated to cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. The least expensive, the sport model, will start at $349. There will be two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, and there will be several bands to choose from.

How do I recover OS X on my Mac?

Episode 1164

Paul from Scottsdale, AZ
Apple iMac

Paul accidentally chose Chinese as his iMac's main language. He thought it would be easy to fix, but it actually got worse. Leo says that every Mac has a really great recovery solution. All he needs to do is reboot the Mac with CMD R and it will give him options to reinstall the OS from the Internet. Apple will then download and install the proper operating system. Some Macs may require OSX Lion to do it though. If he needs to do network recovery, Here's how -