Apple Adds "Selfie" Category in App Store

Episode 1065

Selfies in App Store

With more and more users becoming obsessed with posting the "selfie," Apple has added a "Sharing Selfies" category in the iTunes App store for photo apps designed to take them. The Oxford Dictionary describes selfie as "A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website." Apps in the new category include Frontback, Snapchat, Samba, SnapDash, and 1 Second Everyday, which is one that Leo has used.

Why can't Apple find out what's wrong with my Mac?

Ron from Ventura, CA

Episode 1063

Ron bought a MacBook Pro. It's his first Mac. It was working great and then a month later, he started getting error messages and crashes. He backed it up and took it to the Apple Store to have it looked at. It came back without Bootcamp on it and they never figured out what was wrong after several trips back. Leo had a similar problem with his Mac Pro and they discovered it was bad RAM. It sounds like Ron's problem could be similar. It could also be the the hard drive.

What's a good laptop to replace a Windows XP desktop?

Josslyn from Pasadena, CA

Episode 1063

Josslyn is looking to replace her XP Desktop with a laptop. Her son has a MacBook Pro and he really likes it. Leo says that it's important to stay within the family as they can be her support system. So a MacBook Pro would be a good idea. An even better idea is the MacBook Air because of it's long battery life and super light form factor.

How can I speed up my computer while I'm online?

Jack from Liverpool, UK

Episode 1062

Jack wants to know if an SSD will make his MacBook Pro perform better. He's noticed that it takes longer to open websites. Leo says it absolutely will. SSDs are very fast and it's likely that Jack's regular hard drive is starting to fail. So now is the right time to make a change. The other thing to do is reset Safari, which will clear out the cache, cookies, and website history. He should also remove his extensions. That can slow things down as well.

Apple Patches Goto Fail Bug on Mac OS X Mavericks

Episode 1061

We talked last week about a flaw in iOS and OS X Mavericks called "Goto Fail" that would allow a malicious user to intercept the traffic of any secure transaction. Apple patched the bug on iOS with iOS 7.0.6 quickly, and just earlier this week they patched Mac OS X Mavericks. Make sure to update both iOS and OS X so that your computers and mobile devices are secure.

Why can't I format the hybrid drive in my Mac?

Conrad from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1061

Conrad has a Mac and he's having trouble with his hybrid hard drive. He's tried formatting and partitioning it using Disk Utility and he gets an "can't allocate memory" error. Leo says it sounds like a bad hybrid drive. The fact that it's a hybrid drive shouldn't matter because the hybrid part is handled internally by the drive circuitry. It should appear as a single drive to Mac OS X.