Why doesn't my iMac wake from sleep?

Howard from Chatsworth, CA

Episode 1030

Howard's iMac goes to sleep overnight and he can't wake it up unless he resets the computer. Leo says that he should try to reset the PRAM. If that doesn't work, another thing that Howard can do is update to Mavericks. He might want to wait on that because it has trouble with a few things like Apple Mail. He should also check the Energy Saver preferences. Leo says it's a pretty common problem.

Should I upgrade to OS X Mavericks?

Bob from Bradenton, FL

Episode 1028

Bob has a new Mac running Mountain Lion, and wants to know whether or not he should upgrade to Mavericks. Leo says he moved every Mac he has over to Mavericks and he likes it. He downloaded it once and then moved it to a USB key to install to other computers. The only issue he sees is that older devices like old printers may not work. If he has dedicated business software, he'll want to be sure it's supported.

Should I get an iMac with a Fusion Drive?

Episode 1028

James from Niles, MI
Apple iMac

James' wife needs a new iMac for her doctorate and James wants to know if they should outfit it with a Fusion Drive or not. Leo says that the Fusion Drive is a little faster, but if they don't need a ton of storage, they should skip it and get it with an SSD instead. They are a lot faster. In fact, they are often faster than the bus! Also, Fusion drives have trouble dual booting into Windows with Boot Camp because Windows doesn't understand what to do with the Fusion Drive.

What happened to my old apps in Mavericks?

Reilly from Balston Spa, NY

Episode 1027

Reilly upgraded to OS X Mavericks and was surprised at how different looking the apps are. He'd like to get some of the older apps back. Leo says that when upgrading, OS X puts the older apps in a hidden folder, so he can find them if he hunts around. Reilly says there's new effects in Photobooth as well, which are very cool. Leo says that those are really cool, especially the hologram one.

Hands-On With iPad Air

Episode 1027

iPad Air

Leo got his iPad Air this week and he's very happy with the weight. Leo says that at 1.0lb, it feels considerably lighter, without being too light. He also says that with the reduced bezel, iPad Air is about a 1/2" smaller. The Air is very comfortable in portrait mode, and you can type with your thumbs, which you couldn't do with the older models.

Should I get the iPad Air?

Episode 1025

Tom from Warren, OH
iPad Air

Tom wants to know if he should get iPad Air. Leo says it's too soon to tell, but Apple has made it 40% lighter, and it's narrower while retaining the same screen size as previous full sized iPads. Leo says the Air will be a very good choice if he has an iPad or iPad 2, maybe even an iPad 3.

If he has an iPad 4, there really isn't any hurry to upgrade unless he just likes having the latest and greatest. Leo is actually preferring the iPad Mini with Retina display. It's even better because the DPI is higher, making it more sharp, along with the same guts as the iPad Air.

What is the best stop motion animation camera and software?

Aiden from

Episode 1024

Aiden wants to know what is the best stop motion animation camera and software? Leo says that if you're using the iPod Touch, like Aiden does, he can use iStop Motion because it's designed to work with his iPod Touch camera. But just about any digital camera can be used as a stop motion camera. Then you import the pictures into your editor and make a movie with it. There is software that can do it. The Chatroom says Animator HD on Windows is free.

How can I better utilize my MacBook Air and iMac for my photography?

Michele from

Episode 1024

Michele has become a photographer since she retired. She's recently traded in her 5D Mk. II for an Olympus OMD because it's smaller. She's disappointed, however, in the lens. Leo says that Michele has come from a full frame DSLR to a micro-four thirds sensor and that causes a transition, especially in depth of field.