How can I get ringtones for my phone?

Sam from San Diego, CA

Episode 1014

Sam has a mobile phone and wants to download ringtones. Leo says that ringtones are a huge business and people are buying ringtones of songs they already have. 1/3 of all music revenue was from ringtones. He shouldn't have to pay again just for the ringtone. It's really easy to create a ring tone from a song he already has. It's just a music file stored in a special directory.

Should I max out the RAM of my MacBook Pro?

Monroe from Rutherford, NJ

Episode 1013

Monroe has a two year old MacBook Pro with 4GB of RAM and he's thinking of boosting the RAM on it to avoid beach balling. Leo says that beach balls tend to be an indication of software issues. Leo recommends formatting the hard drive and reinstalling OS X. While he's at it, he should upgrade to Lion. Upgrading to 8GB really isn't worth the performance boost he'll get, which is marginal.

Should I buy an extended warranty on my iPhone?

Elena from St. George, Utah

Episode 1013

Elena wants to know if she should buy and extended warranty on her iPhone. Leo says that the new Apple Care, called Apple Care Plus, is beneficial because it covers damage. It's $100 (with a $79 co-pay) and it covers two incidents. Leo says that often, Apple will replace a broken iPhone for $200. So an extended warranty is a profit center for Apple, and Leo nevers buys it. In the long run, it's just plain cheaper. If Elena's the type of person who has butter fingers, Apple Care can buy peace of mind.

Apple Announces iPhone 5s with Touch ID Fingerprint Recognition

Episode 1013

This week, Apple announced the new iPhone 5S which comes with Touch ID fingerprint recognition, which Leo says is an innovation that explains why Apple never chose to use NFC (near field communications) into their phone. Leo says that Touch ID has the option of being a new way to make purchases. But privacy advocates says that Touch ID could cause people to incriminate themselves as fingerprints are not protected by the 5th amendment. So Touch ID does affect user privacy in a very fundamental fashion. Leo also doesn't see the virtue of a 64 bit iOS operating system.

Should I get an SSD drive or a Fusion drive for my Mac?

Episode 1011

Lamont from Tampa, FL
Mac Mini

Lamont is looking to get a new Mac Mini. Should he get an SSD drive or a Fusion drive? Leo says that SSD drives are fast, but they're expensive and smaller in size. The Fusion drive is a bit faster than a spinning drive, and would give him more storage, but it is still slower than SSD. It really comes down to how much space and speed he needs. Leo puts a pure SSD drive in every computer he buys. If he would need storage, he can always get an external drive.