How do I recover OS X on my Mac?

Episode 1164

Paul from Scottsdale, AZ
Apple iMac

Paul accidentally chose Chinese as his iMac's main language. He thought it would be easy to fix, but it actually got worse. Leo says that every Mac has a really great recovery solution. All he needs to do is reboot the Mac with CMD R and it will give him options to reinstall the OS from the Internet. Apple will then download and install the proper operating system. Some Macs may require OSX Lion to do it though. If he needs to do network recovery, Here's how -

Should I skip the iPhone 6 and get the Apple Watch?

Episode 1160

Chris from Miami
Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will work with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. He won't be able to use Apple Pay with the Apple Watch if he doesn't have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, however. So he may want to get the new iPhone 6 for that. We don't know yet if this will be such a great watch, though, anyone who's saying that is just guessing.

Apple Watch Due in April

Episode 1159

Apple Watch

With the news that Apple's new Apple Watch will be coming in April, the company is putting safes in all of its stores to hold them. Some, including the Gold Edition version, will cost about $5,000. Leo says that's crazy considering that it'll be obsolete in a year.

Meanwhile there's another rumor that Apple is going to offer a streaming TV service with content licensed directly from providers. Rumors also suggest that Apple is talking to programmers about making it happen. Leo says they may have a shot this time, especially if they can offer live event programming.

Apple Sells Record Number of iPhones

Episode 1158

Apple iPhone 6

Apple sold over 75 million iPhones in the last three months, for combined sales of over $18 Billion in profit, a 40% profit margin, the largest in history. Apple also has over $142 Billion in cash. Most of that has been transferred to accounts overseas in order to avoid taxes. So while they have that much money, it's not exactly liquid in the US.

Apple just posted the best quarter in corporate history (CNN)…

Is the Apple storage lawsuit legit?

John from Carlsbad, CA

Episode 1156

John is curious about the lawsuit against Apple regarding the stated storage capacity vs. the actual capacity. Leo says that while it's true that when buying an iPhone (or any smartphone) that half of the storage is used by the software and operating system, that's true of hard drives as well. Most people understand that. It is true that the 8GB iPhone users were left wanting when trying to upgrade to iOS 8, though (you need 5GB for it). But most class action lawsuits are started by law firms that get the lions share of the settlement.

Why does iMessage keep logging me out?

John from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1155

John is running iOS 7 on his iPhone 4 and he's having issues with iMessage logging him out frequently. Leo says that the iPhone 4 is several generations old and using iOS 7 is at the edge of it's capabilities. Leo advises going to the Apple Store to talk to a genius about it. He should call Apple and ask them as well. iMessage has been a problem almost from the beginning. But it should allow him to use standard SMS to send the message if iMessage isn't working. If he's also having issues with texting over SMS, then it could be on AT&T's end.

Will Photoshop work well on a Mac Mini?

Episode 1153

Beanie from Reykjavik, Iceland
Apple Mac Mini

Beanie wants to know if Photoshop works the same on the Mac Mini as it would on a similar small device from HP. Leo says that Photoshop is CPU bound, meaning the speed of the chip's cores will matter. The more cores, the better. An SSD will speed it up, as well as a good graphics processor. The Mac Mini uses Intel's Iris Processor, which is OK. So while there are speed differences, it largely depends on what he's doing, and chances are, he's really not going to notice. Going up to an i7 processor will give him a boost because of hyperthreading, but only if he really, really needs it.

What's a good Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad 1 and iPad 2?

Episode 1153

Dan from Huntington Beach, CA
Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Dan wants a keyboard for his iPad. What one would be best? Leo says that any bluetooth keyboard will work with the iPad. Many companies make keyboard cases, such as Logitech. But Apple's own bluetooth keyboard is excellent for a standard bluetooth keyboard. Caller Rob likes the KeyFolio Pro 2.

Another option is a foldable Bluetooth keyboard, like the iLepo on Amazon.

Is there much of a difference between a Dell XPS i7 and a Mac Pro for video editing?

Episode 1152

Ken from Cape Girardeau, MS
Apple Mac Pro

Leo says there's not much difference between the two. He uses a Mac Pro at home and likes it, but it's not very upgradeable, and any upgrades he could do would have to be external. On a PC, if he gets a tower case, upgrades are easy. Leo just got all of the video editors at TWiT Dell PCs and they will be moving to Adobe Premiere. The Mac Pro is expensive for what you get, and for pro video editors it's probably not the best solution.