When is the new iPhone coming?

Jack from Pennsicola, FL

Episode 1078

Jack wants to know when the new iPhone is coming. Leo says the rumors are that the new iPhone 6 will have a larger screen (finally). But they're still just rumors. And Apple never really leaks out dates of when it will come out. If we look to the past on how Apple has released iPhones, we can get a fairly good guess. It's usually around September. There's not much more they can do with it since it's a mature product.

Nike Lays Off FuelBand Team, Puts Future of Product in Doubt

Episode 1076

Nike Fuelband

CNet broke the story that Nike has laid off the entire Fuelband team and plans to kill the product. Leo says that Nike released a statement that they will continue to support the Fuelband for the foreseeable future. Leo thinks this is in large part due to the audience figuring that Apple will own this market later in the year with its own fitness based iWatch product.

I got results from writing to Apple CEO Tim Cook!

Michael from Los Angeles, CA

Episode 1072

Michael called in to say that he had an issue with Apple, so he took Leo's advice and wrote to Apple CEO Tim Cook. He bought a new MacBook Pro from Apple, and was in the Apple store every week because of issues he was having with it. After sending a letter to Tim Cook, he got a call from Cook's office. They assigned him a tech, and followed up with him every day on the different things they had tried. After working with them for 10 days, his drive failed completely. He sent the computer into Apple, and they sent it back working perfectly.

Why do I keep getting the spinning beach ball on my Mac? (Part 2)

James from Woodland Hills, CA

Episode 1071

The spinning beach ball means the Mac is working on something. This could be a failure in the program, the operating system, or the hard drive. As computers get older, hard drives get harder to read, and the computer takes longer. Since James' iMac is quite old now, it may be time for a new one. This symptom is difficult to diagnose accurately.

Did I buy the right MacBook Pro?

Episode 1071

Mike from Glendale, CA
MacBook Pro

Mike bought a MacBook Pro recently, updating it through Apple's build to order interface. He needs a CD player, though. Leo says that the base model is the only one that still has a CD player, but the down side is, it also has a spinning hard drive and no retina display. The problem is, for $100 more, Mike could've gotten a retina display and much faster performance with an SSD drive. If he doesn't need all that, it's fine. But he won't save much doing it.

When is the new Mac Mini coming?

Episode 1071

Roger from Ogden, UT
Apple Mac Mini

Roger wants to get a Mac Mini, but Apple hasn't upgraded it in a long time (Oct 2012). Leo says that is a common complaint with Mac fans. It's a shame too, because it's very affordable and a great product. It seems like Apple doesn't care about anything but mobile these days. It's like they have a limited attention span. They're all mobile now with iPhones and iPads, and they are less worried about the desktop computing experience. Leo's been hearing rumors for months about a new Mac Mini coming, but nothing has materialized.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1068

Leo wants to know what Chris does when he travels and what laptop he uses. Chris says he uses a MacBook Air. It's nice and compact and works great on airline tray tables. Since his has an i7 processor, it really does a great job managing his photos. It may take awhile to render, but it works good enough. In his book "1 Hour 1000 Pics", he talks about how to use your computer to manage and weed out your images. It's more about your discipline.