Should I buy a refurbished Mac?

Nelson from Tampa, FL

Episode 1035

Nelson is looking to buy a refurbished MacBook Pro, but is wondering whether or not it's a good idea. Leo says that in many cases, a refurbished item is brand new, having been returned and unable to sell as new. Leo's suggestion is to buy directly from Apple. He'll get the same warranty as a new product that way and will be assured the refurbished item has been gone over and certified, not just repackaged or resealed.

Apple Surprises Everyone, Releases iPad Mini with Retina Display Ahead of Schedule

Episode 1031

iPad mini with Retina display

Apple surprised everyone on Tuesday by releasing the iPad mini with Retina display. At midnight Cupertino time, Apple quietly made the new iPad mini available for purchase.

iPad mini with Retina display on sale now starting at $399…

Why can't I delete photos from Picasa on the iPad? (Part 2)

Micheline from Studio City, LA

Episode 1030

Micheline can't erase photos on the iPad from Picasa. Leo says that there's a setting in Picasa that will allow it. Leo also says that Windows photo sync is terrible and iTunes on Windows isn't that great either. That's why Picasa is a better option.

Ideally, though, iTunes and the iPad work best on the Mac. Here's a link that talks about issues and various solutions. There's a photo cache called iPod Photo Cache that she can delete.

Why doesn't my iMac wake from sleep?

Howard from Chatsworth, CA

Episode 1030

Howard's iMac goes to sleep overnight and he can't wake it up unless he resets the computer. Leo says that he should try to reset the PRAM. If that doesn't work, another thing that Howard can do is update to Mavericks. He might want to wait on that because it has trouble with a few things like Apple Mail. He should also check the Energy Saver preferences. Leo says it's a pretty common problem.

Should I upgrade to OS X Mavericks?

Bob from Bradenton, FL

Episode 1028

Bob has a new Mac running Mountain Lion, and wants to know whether or not he should upgrade to Mavericks. Leo says he moved every Mac he has over to Mavericks and he likes it. He downloaded it once and then moved it to a USB key to install to other computers. The only issue he sees is that older devices like old printers may not work. If he has dedicated business software, he'll want to be sure it's supported.

Should I get an iMac with a Fusion Drive?

Episode 1028

James from Niles, MI
Apple iMac

James' wife needs a new iMac for her doctorate and James wants to know if they should outfit it with a Fusion Drive or not. Leo says that the Fusion Drive is a little faster, but if they don't need a ton of storage, they should skip it and get it with an SSD instead. They are a lot faster. In fact, they are often faster than the bus! Also, Fusion drives have trouble dual booting into Windows with Boot Camp because Windows doesn't understand what to do with the Fusion Drive.