Google Knows Nearly Every Wi-Fi Password in the World

Episode 1017

A new report indicates that Google may actually have access to Wi-Fi passwords used by every Android user. Whenever a user signs into a new Android device, they enter their Google credentials. Then, Google can find your Wi-Fi network and join it automatically. This can only be done if your Wi-Fi password had been uploaded to Google. Leo says it's convenient, but after all of the news about the NSA surveillance, this is a bit scary too.

How do I speed up my Android tablet?

Ben from Santa Ana, CA

Episode 1017

Ben has noticed that his Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is slowing down. Leo says that reports are that the flash memory in it was cheap and it just slows down in time. It's called "garbage collection." Google fixed it with Android 4.3 (JellyBean), but most tablets don't have it yet. He could root the tablet and put a 4.3 ROM on it. Then he can use LagFix (ftrim) to fix it.

How can I sync podcasts from a desktop to a mobile device? (Part 2)

Tom from Ottawa, Canada

Episode 1016

Tom has been syncing podcasts to his iPod Touch. But now that he has the SIV, he's been syncing the podcast, but DoubleTwist can't remember the position of the podcast. Leo says that Doubletwist player doesn't remember because it thinks it's a song. Leo recommends DogCatcher for Android, and use DoubleTwist to sync it. In fact, Leo says to subscribe to the podcast through Dogcatcher and it'll get it.

How can I get ringtones for my phone?

Sam from San Diego, CA

Episode 1014

Sam has a mobile phone and wants to download ringtones. Leo says that ringtones are a huge business and people are buying ringtones of songs they already have. 1/3 of all music revenue was from ringtones. He shouldn't have to pay again just for the ringtone. It's really easy to create a ring tone from a song he already has. It's just a music file stored in a special directory.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note III worth it?

Episode 1012

Anthony from San Diego, CA

Anthony has the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and wants to know if the Note III is worth getting. Leo says the Note III was announced this week at IFA. It has a 5.7" screen, but not bigger than the Note 2. It's got a stitched leather back. It features a new pop-up menu when hovering the stylus over the screen. Multi-tasking improved, it has 3GB RAM, a 1280x1080p resolution screen, and a more powerful processor. It may just be worth upgrading to. It'll be here in early October.

How good are accessibility features in smartphones?

Aaron from Albany, OR

Episode 1012

Aaron has a friend who needs to be totally reliant on voice command. Is there a smartphone that can do that? Leo says that the main issue is apps, and using apps require touch. He could use the Motorola Moto-X with Google Now, but it'll be limited.

Leo recommends contacting the Foundation for the Blind, an independent living resource center. He could also try Lighthouse for the Blind. They're really good at customizing the technology for the need. Doctor Mom in the ChatRoom recommends

Android 4.4 Named After Kit-Kat Bar, Will a New Google Nexus Phone Be Announced Next?

Episode 1011

Android 4.4 will be named "Kit-Kat". Google has been naming all of their Android operating systems after desserts, like "Cupcake," "Donut," "Froyo," etc. It's all been generic dessert names, though, until now. There also will be a new Google Nexus phone that Leo guesses will be out in the new few weeks.