What phone and carrier should I go with for 4G service?

Chris from Riverside, CA

Episode 1027

Chris wants to go with a new phone and service (he uses Sprint) because he can't get 4G in his area. What Android device should he get?

Leo says if he's bought a lot of apps on iPhone, it may be worth just changing carriers and get the iPhone unlocked. If he can't do that, then both Android and Apple have so many apps now that he can make the switch and still get apps that he likes. Leo hates the iPhone keyboard anyway. He should choose the carrier that's best in his neighborhood.

What smartphone should I get, Windows Phone or Android?

Episode 1025

Mike from Woodland Hills, CA
Nokia Lumia 521

Mike is looking to get a new smartphone and he's thinking about Android. Leo says that Mike did the right thing by starting with the carrier he wanted to deal with first. Now he's looking at the Nokia 521 Windows Phone and a Samsung Android phone. Leo says that since Mike has never had a smartphone before, the Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone is a good entry level offering. Great for someone who has never used one or has a computer. It's far better than an entry-level Android phone.

What's the best tablet for games and reading?

Susan from

Episode 1023

Susan is looking to get a tablet that will handle ebook reading, games for the kids, and working the internet. Leo says that while you can get a cheaper Android iPad, Leo says that Susan should get an iPad. It's got great apps, is well supported, and very easy to use. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it. But wait until Tuesday, October 22, because it's likely Apple will announce new iPads and she could save money on the previous version. 3G or Wifi?

How can I transfer my data from an old phone to a new phone?

Fred from Torrance, CA

Episode 1022

Fred is going to be changing his service to T-Mobile and he wants to know if he can connect the old phone with the new phone and transfer everything via Bluetooth. Leo says it depends on whether or not there's app support on both the phones. Motorola and HTC have migration apps that do just that. Not everything, but critical things. Both phones have to have it, though.

Can an Android phone read text aloud?

Connor from Castle Rock, CO

Episode 1020

Kyle wants to make sure that an Android phone will read back the text that he highlights. Leo says that it's called "text to speech" and Android has some really good options for that. Google calls it "TalkBack." The iPhone will do it by highlighting the text and then pressing the button that says "speak." In the Android settings under "assistive technologies" tab, he should select "TalkBack". That will just read back everything, though, but he should be able to narrow it down.

How can I backup my Android phone?

Alex from Colorado

Episode 1019

Alex has a Google Nexus 4 that reset on him recently and he lost all his data. He wants to know the best way to backup and restore the whole phone. The Google sync didn't restore all of his contacts and apps. Leo says that it should, but Alex says half the time it doesn't, and he doesn't know why. It could be a settings issue, so he should look into the backup and restore options to make sure it's enabled.