How can I transfer my data from an old phone to a new phone?

Fred from Torrance, CA

Episode 1022

Fred is going to be changing his service to T-Mobile and he wants to know if he can connect the old phone with the new phone and transfer everything via Bluetooth. Leo says it depends on whether or not there's app support on both the phones. Motorola and HTC have migration apps that do just that. Not everything, but critical things. Both phones have to have it, though.

Can an Android phone read text aloud?

Connor from Castle Rock, CO

Episode 1020

Kyle wants to make sure that an Android phone will read back the text that he highlights. Leo says that it's called "text to speech" and Android has some really good options for that. Google calls it "TalkBack." The iPhone will do it by highlighting the text and then pressing the button that says "speak." In the Android settings under "assistive technologies" tab, he should select "TalkBack". That will just read back everything, though, but he should be able to narrow it down.

How can I backup my Android phone?

Alex from Colorado

Episode 1019

Alex has a Google Nexus 4 that reset on him recently and he lost all his data. He wants to know the best way to backup and restore the whole phone. The Google sync didn't restore all of his contacts and apps. Leo says that it should, but Alex says half the time it doesn't, and he doesn't know why. It could be a settings issue, so he should look into the backup and restore options to make sure it's enabled.

My Nexus 7 Tablet has Touchscreen problems?

Richard from West LA

Episode 1019

Richard recently bought a Google Nexus 7 and he's having trouble with the touch screen. Leo says that Google has acknowledged the problem and is working to push an update to Android that will solve the issue. He can also just return it and get one that doesn't have the issue. He shouldn't have to wait for an update and it could be a hardware problem. No software patch can fix that.

How can I make the text larger on my tablet? (Part 2)

Mike from New Albany, MS

Episode 1018

Mike is also vision impaired and likes to use his tablet as a phone, but often the high-resolution screen makes it hard to read. Leo suggests going into the accessibility options in Android to change the font size. However, a poorly programmed app won't support it. So if it doesn't, then he should try a different app. There's also magification in the settings he could use as well.