How can I revive my Android phone?

Jen from Santa Monica, CA

Episode 1090

Jen has an old Samsung Galaxy mobile phone that was bricked during an over-the-air update. She's also heard that others are having the same problems. What can she do? Samsung doesn't seem to care. Leo says it could just be a bad battery, which she could replace. If that isn't the problem, then the update is the culprit. If she can get into recovery mode, then there's a chance. To do this, she should press the On button and volume up button at the same time and hold it until it gets into recovery mode.

Is the Blue Life View Android phone a good buy?

Episode 1088

Lee from Burbank, CA
Blue Life View Android Phone

Lee has a Blue Life View mobile phone. The phone has dual sims, which is primarily used overseas when crossing international borders.

Leo doesn't like that it uses Android 4.2, which is a bit dated. Also, since it's an international phone, he'll want to check that the frequencies from his carrier are supported. It won't support LTE, which means he won't get the fastest data. But it's not bad for the money. Leo recommends getting the Motorola Moto G, which has the same specs for half the price. It isn't dual sim, but unless he's traveling overseas, it's more than enough.

Can I sell my iPhone even though I just bought it?

Episode 1088

Frannie from Gloster, NJ
HTC One (M8)

Frannie learned to build computers from Leo and Patrick several years ago. But now, she's a bit lost with all this mobile phone stuff. She picked up a Samsung Galaxy 4, while her husband got an iPhone 5S. He hates the 5S and she loves the Galaxy 4. Leo says that aside from the junkware, it's a nice phone. But what she wants to know is, how does she back it up? Leo says that there's a default setting that lets Google backup apps and settings. When she signs into Google, it starts backing up automatically.

How can I jailbreak my iPhone and root my Note 2?

Episode 1088

Don from Mojave, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note II

John just stopped using his iPhone in favor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. He wants to know if he can jailbreak his iPhone to be used as an iPod. Leo says sure. What about rooting the Note 2? Leo says he'll have to be careful rooting his Android phone. It's very specific to the model. John should check out his specific model at He can enter his device under "Find Device on Forum" and it'll take him to all the posts for that particular model. The root posts are "stickied."

How can I be sure my Android phone is using Wi-Fi when I'm home?

Episode 1087

David from Leavenworth, KS
Motorola Moto X

David got a Motorola Moto X and wants to be sure that when he's home, he's using Wi-Fi and not his cellular data. Leo says that if the Wi-Fi "volcano" icon is displayed, he'll always be using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. The phone is designed to always prefer Wi-Fi. But sometimes he may end up using Cellular. It's so infrequent, that it won't affect him.

The Moto X has great voice features, called Motorola Assist, to read and send text messages hands free, and will automatically tell callers when he's driving. It's a great feature. It's a perfect first smartphone.

Will the new iPhone be bigger?

Chris from La Jolla, CA

Episode 1084

Chris is a bit jealous because his girlfriend's Samsung Galaxy S5 is so much larger than his iPhone 4s. Leo says that is true, but Samsung also has a lot of bloatware on it. In june, Apple's Worldwide Development Conference may give us some hints about the new iPhone, iOS 8, etc. We may find out whether or not the next iPhone will be larger. So if he can be patient until then, it may pay off.

Why is my Android phone connection so slow?

Bill from Eastvale, CA

Episode 1083

Bill has a new LG Optimus Android phone and even though he was promised downloads 7 times faster, he can't do anything because it buffers forever. Leo says that there are bandwidth issues, clearly, and that could largely be do to T-Mobile's coverage not being very good in his area. Leo recommends downloading a speed test app like OKLA. That will tell Bill what kind of speeds he's getting.

Why can't my text messaging apps work on my tablet?

Andrew from Orange County, CA

Episode 1083

Andrew bought a Nexus 7 Android tablet for his birthday and he's running into issues with SMS text messaging. Leo says that SMS is the short message service between wireless telephones. So it wouldn't work. But he can use apps like What's App to do it. He may run into issues because he won't be able to universally text to phones with it. The chatroom says he could get Skype, which works great on the Nexus 7, and he can buy the ability to text through Skype. That's a good option, as is Google Voice. Even Google hangouts would work. TalkaTone is another.