How can I reset my Android phone?

Phillip from Anaheim, CA

Episode 1236

Phillip has a Motorola Moto G through Cricket and he's been playing with his phone and put it into a Java runtime mode called ART. Leo says that's a fiddler. He'll have to go through a lot of hoops to go into developer mode and change that. Now he's getting a lot of error messages. Leo says he's done that on several Android devices and it sounds like it needs to be manually reset.

How can I extend the range of my video signal?

Steve from Chino Hills, CA

Episode 1234

Steve has a Security Camera DVR and he's used a splitter to watch it in several rooms using a balun, but he keeps losing the signal. Leo says that HDMI doesn't throw very far, and using a balun amplifies the signal and sends it over ethernet to the other side. The distance is still limited to around 200' and it could be that he's at the extreme edge of the range. Steve could go RF. The chat room says that using Cat6 Ethernet cables could make it that far, and at he could get an extender kit to around 328 feet.

Should I switch from Android to Windows Phone?

Episode 1232

Bob from Gallup, NM
Lumia 950

Bob has been having a lot of trouble with his Samsung phone, and wants to know if there's any future for Windows Phone. Microsoft took a $7 Billion write-off for their acquisition of Nokia, because Windows Phone is just not selling. It's only 1 or 2% of the total smartphone market. That being said, they are great phones. Microsoft just announced two new Windows Phone, the Lumia 950 and 950XL, that are amazing phones with great cameras. Microsoft has really reinvented mobile operating systems with the new mobile version of Windows 10 as well.

Can my phone support FM radio?

Jason from Trinidad

Episode 1231

Jason wants to know if modern phones can stream FM radio. Leo says that some have that feature, but it's not in hot demand in the US. So his phone may not have it if it's bought in the US. If he's buying them from an international vendor, he'll have a better chance of getting a phone that supports it. If the hardware supports it, then he could use a third party android app to do it. But not in an iPhone. He'll likely have to root his Android phone to run a separate ROM. Leo likes Cyanogen Mod.

Should I switch from Android to iPhone?

Episode 1231

Dave from LaMesa, CA
Apple iPhone 6s

Dave is debating making the switch to the iPhone so he can be in line with his daughter. Will he have any issues moving from Android to iOS? Leo says that there will be a learning curve and he'll have to reinvest in several apps. But there is more in common between the two than what separates them. Leo does like the Samsung Galaxy S6. Google Now is great, and it is better than Siri. iPhone apps, though, are better designed and the security is far better in iOS. So, in general, it's far more secure and Apple can force updates.

Should I get the Motorola Moto X or Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Episode 1228

Clarence from Virginia
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Clarence is looking to jump from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Motorola Moto X. Thoughts? Leo says that if Clarence didn't hate the S4, Clarence will love the Galaxy Note 5. It has a better screen, fingerprint reader, better battery life, and a far superior screen. The benefit of the Moto X is that it's cheaper. It also would let him use a MicroSD card. It also has a nice Moto Assist feature for hands free operation. But feature for feature, the Galaxy Note 5 is far superior.

Why is my phone making a binging noise?

Episode 1228

Sharon from Bell, CA
HTC One M9

Sharon's HTC One M9 is making an annoying "binging" sound with notifications. She turned off the notifications and it still makes it. Leo says to try the 'Do Not Disturb' setting to see if it still happens. It's possible it's a software glitch. She could fix it by doing a factory reset. But Sharon should backup her apps and contacts to her Google account first. It could also be a hardware issue, and in that case, her wireless provider should have to replace it.

Can Android read selected text?

Carlos from Brea

Episode 1227

Carlos has made the switch from iOS to Android and wants to be able to select a paragraph of text and then have Android read it. Leo says that iOS has great accessibility features and he doesn't think that Android can do that. But the new iPhones would enable him to select text and then use 3D Touch to bring up a cursor so he could highlight easier. Google's text to voice engine is very good though, but it only reads files. He should check the accessibility settings.