How can I make Lotus Notes work with Android?

Dave from Crystal Lake, IL

Episode 1032

Dave keeps track of all of his customers using the "tasks" section of Lotus Notes, and has been using it with a Blackberry. Now his company is switching to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4 and needs to find a way to make it work with that. Leo hasn't been using Lotus Notes for a long time, but ScooterX from the chatroom found something called IBM Notes Traveler in the Google Play store.

How can I prevent Facebook from using my contacts?

Robert from Palm Springs, CA

Episode 1032

Robert wants to install the Facebook and Twitter apps, but he's worried about the apps having access to his address book. Leo says it's best to just say no to that. The apps should ask beforehand, so he should take his time when he installs, and just say no. Twitter does it different on Android, though. It makes him think the contacts are on Twitter by having a check beside all his addressees. And that can be embarrassing when Twitter is harassing them with emails. That's what happened to Leo.

Why does my HTC One go into airplane mode when the alarm goes off?

Carlos from San Bernadino, CA

Episode 1032

Carlos' HTC One turns airplane mode on each time his alarm goes off. Leo says that's odd, but he advises using a third party alarm app to see if that solves the problem. Leo likes Timely.

Leo also says that there could be a setting in a Tasker or Locale app that will do that. So it's possible that Carlos' forgot he had that capability. Otherwise, resetting his phone should fix it.

Google Releases Nexus 5 Phone

Episode 1029

Google Nexus 5

Google announced its Nexus 5 smartphone on October 31st. Google has been offering an Android phone that is a "pure Google" experience. It has no extra software from manufacturers or carriers. Google is trying to do two things with this phone -- Show what a phone running stock Android looks like, and to have an inexpensive phone that developers can easily buy and use. This phone costs a mere $349 unsubsidized and without a contract. This is half of the cost of other top of the line phones unsubsidized.

What app should I use to backup my unrooted Android phone? (Part 2)

Will from Springfield, IL

Episode 1030

Will also wants to know what backup app would be good for an Android phone that isn't rooted. Leo suggests Helium App Sync and Backup from Clockwork Mod. He can get it free from the Google Play store.

Scott had the same issue and it turned out to be the battery that was causing the issue. Swapping out batteries may solve it.

How can I stop my Android phone from crashing? (Part 1)

Will from Springfield, IL

Episode 1030

Will has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it just keeps rebooting and crashing on him. Leo says that it sounds like it's overheating and it's likely that since he's had it for a year, the warranty lapsed. Leo recommends reinstalling the OS by using the "erase and reinstall" option in his security settings. If that doesn't work, then Leo advises taking it back to the Carrier's store and explain the issue to them, they may replace it.

Why isn't Android named after desserts anymore? (Part 1)

Juan from New London, CT

Episode 1028

Juan is disappointed that Google stopped using dessert designations for its Android operating system. Leo says that it's likely because of a deal between Google and Nestle to name it Kit Kat, even though Google claims no money changed hands. That only means they're handling the transaction in another fashion. Leo doesn't like that because it just commercializes it.

What phone and carrier should I go with for 4G service?

Chris from Riverside, CA

Episode 1027

Chris wants to go with a new phone and service (he uses Sprint) because he can't get 4G in his area. What Android device should he get?

Leo says if he's bought a lot of apps on iPhone, it may be worth just changing carriers and get the iPhone unlocked. If he can't do that, then both Android and Apple have so many apps now that he can make the switch and still get apps that he likes. Leo hates the iPhone keyboard anyway. He should choose the carrier that's best in his neighborhood.