What happened to tethering in Android?

Frank from Vancouver, WA

Episode 1039

Frank has a Google Nexus 7 and has been using tethering. He updated the OS to KitKat and the tethering option has disappeared. When he takes the SIM card out, it reappears, but when he puts it back, and it disappears again. Leo says that it's likely AT&T doing that. They want to charge him for hotspotting and tethering. If he doesn't pay for it, they're not going to let him do it. It's also happened to T-Mobile users. Some solutions will require him to root his tablet, which is certainly possible.

Why can't my laptop see my phones?

Allie from Orange, CA

Episode 1037

Allie is thinking of getting an Android tablet, but she's having trouble connecting her laptop and her Samsung device. Leo says that Allie needs to download a Samsung utility called KIES. It will connect with her phone and update drivers. Leo says it can be tricky to connect her phone to the laptop to move data, though. That's why Apple and Android have both moved to connecting over Wi-Fi. Leo also recommends getting DoubleTwist.

Why is my battery life bad after an Android update?

Aaron from Glendale, CA

Episode 1036

Aaron has updated his Samsung Galaxy S3 and now his battery life has decreased. Leo says it may just be that the phone is older and the battery has diminished some. The phone isn't old enough to have battery life issues, though. So it's likely that there is a bug in the update that's causing some programs to run in the background. Doctor Mom in the chatroom had the same problems and suggests turning on power saving mode in Android.

What Android Tablet should I buy? (Part 1)

Dave from La Mesa, CA

Episode 1036

Dave has upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now he's thinking about getting a tablet. Since he wants to replace a laptop, he's wondering about a 10" option. Leo says that Android tablets have caught up to the iPad and there's great options now. A Samsung Galaxy Note is a great choice. Try and avoid the temptation of buying a sub $100 Android tablet, though.

What is the "other" category on my iPhone?

Jonathan from Birch, VA

Episode 1034

Jonathan was checking to see how much space he had used on his iPhone, and noticed a category named "other", and is wondering what it is. Leo says it's application data that's been cached like downloaded files, OS backup files, websites, ebooks, etc. Leo says not to worry about it. It's a normal category that he really can't get rid of, unless he erases everything on his phone and starts over. Sometimes deleting old text messages can free up some of that space.

How can I enable Visual Voicemail on my phone?

MaryAnne from Chatsworth, CA

Episode 1034

Maryanne recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and she's missing the visual voice mail alerts. Leo says that may be due to a carrier restriction and may need to be set up with them.

Absent that, Maryanne should go into visual voicemail settings and look for the "display notifications" option. But there isn't a feature to have the phone jump up and grab her attention. One workaround is Google Voice. It will enable her to have a phone message follow her from phone to phone.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1033

Dickie D has a free gadget today that you install into your Android Phone. It's called the Q4 Keyboard. The Q4 keyboard is very different. It can be reduced to an invisible 4-key keyboard. It divides the keyboard into four groups of letters. You tap anywhere on the color group that contains the letter you want. As you just use those four blocks of keys, a unique word prediction technology predicts the word you’re typing while it also learns different words you use to build a personal dictionary.