adobe lightroom

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1435

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that Adobe has shifted development for Adobe Lightroom in favor of the Creative Cloud version called Lightroom Classic CC. They are going to put out Lightroom Classic which will have more limited features and they want users to live and work in the cloud. It's a disappointing development. Leo also says he doesn't like that Lightroom Classic doesn't have a histogram now, and that's a deal breaker.

How can I edit RAW photos?

Todd from Inglewood, CA

Episode 1288

Todd has a Canon 5D Mk. III and he has been shooting JPG. He's starting to shoot RAW now and needs a program to edit them. Leo says the 5D Mk. III allows him to shoot RAW + JPG. That's pretty good because it gives him the option of either. RAW gives him a lot of latitude for color correction and post processing and Adobe Lightroom works great for converting it. It also has a simple workflow.

Is there an alternative to Apple Photos?

Episode 1240

Chris from Miami, FL
Apple Photos

Chris liked Apple's iPhoto, but he doesn't care for Photos. Leo says that Apple has tried to fix something that wasn't broken. There are alternatives including Adobe Lightroom, but Chris doesn't want to pay $20 a month to use that. Leo says that there's a lot of good reasons to use Lightroom including being able to sync with his iPad. It's what Apple Photos should be. But for some reason, Apple just doesn't really get cloud based apps like they should.

What happened to my image organization in Apple Photos?

Episode 1228

Ron from Fallbrook, CA
Apple Photos

Ron is having problems with the Yosemite upgrade, which has messed up his image organization. Leo says that happened when Apple moved from iPhotos to Apple Photos. It's a mess. He's also having issues with iOS 9 on his iPhone. Leo says that unfortunately, it's Apple's way or the highway, and users who just go with the flow usually have less of a problem with it.

How can I best organize my photos?

Ruben from San Diego, CA

Episode 1217

Ruben is backing up his photos with his 2TB hard drives and he's wanting to organize it according to Leo's suggestions. What's the best way to organize them? Leo says he uses Adobe Lightroom and he has it set to import photos according to year, month, and day. That way he can easily go to the exact date to find photos. Then, from now on, it'll import according to that structure. He can use tags in Lightroom to further organize it to make it far easier to search. Lightroom also has an iPad app to sync collections to.

What photo program should I buy?

Pat from Corona, CA

Episode 1215

Pat has been making videos of his trips along with images that he's taken. He uses Paintshop Pro and nobody supports it anymore. Leo says it's high time to upgrade to Adobe Lightroom. Paint Shop Pro is well over a decade old and sooner or later, a company is going to stop supporting it, called "end of life." Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is best designed for that. Even Photoshop Elements will get him mostly there. Better yet, the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers subscription is only $20 a month.

What are the alternatives to Apple's Aperture?

Episode 1197

Ken from Long Beach, CA
Apple OS X Photos

Ken is getting a new camera and computer. He also wants to know about the future of Apple's Aperture. Leo says that Aperture has been killed off by Apple. Adobe Lightroom is a good alternative, but Apple's new Photos app is pretty powerful. It's certainly worth giving it a try before putting down $10 a month to run Lightroom. He could also just keep using Aperture since he already has it. It won't be updated, but that's not necessarily a big deal. It won't stop working.

How can I delete duplicate images from my hard drive?

Mark from Costa Mesa, CA

Episode 1166

Adobe Lightroom has de-duping features, as does Picasa. But Leo is nervous about deleting images automatically. It's far better to just have a huge hard drive and then use Lightroom to organize his files by date. Then he can de-dupe down the road, and keep all of his RAW files. He can convert to Adobe's DNG format because it's a universal format that will always be readable.

What photography software should I use on my new laptop?

Bill from Boulder, CO

Episode 1131

Bill is looking for a new laptop that he can use for his business. He has an older MacBook Pro with Aperture, but he doesn't like it. Leo says the good news is that Apple has killed Aperture and most photographers actually use Adobe Lightroom. He can buy it outright or use the Adobe Photographers CC package for $10 a month. Most serious photographers use both. And at $10 a month, he can't really beat it.