Apple iMac with Retina 5K display

iMac with Retina 5K display

Apple announced a new 27" iMac at its October 16th event, and it features a Retina 5K display with a resolution of 5120 x 2880. It has 14.7 million pixels, which is four times the amount of pixels found on the previous generation iMac. It uses highly efficient LEDs, which Apple claims use 30 percent less power while still delivering the same display brightness. It has the same seamless aluminum design as before, with edges just 5mm thin.

LG Chromebase

LG Chromebase

LG's Chromebase is an all-in-one desktop computer that runs Google's Chrome OS. It includes a 21.5" full HD 1080p monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, and HD webcam. It has an Intel Celeron dual core 1.4 Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM. It only has 16GB of local storage, but like the Chromebook laptops, it comes with 100GB of Google Drive storage for 2 years.

Motorola Moto Hint

Motorola Moto Hint

Motorola's Moto Hint is a discreet and small wireless earbud that allows you to control your phone with your voice. You can ask questions, hear notifications, make calls and send messages without having to take out your phone.

The Moto Hint automatically detects when it's placed in your ear. When you put it in your ear, it turns on and connects to your smartphone. When you take it out, it turns off and routes calls back through your phone. It's designed to be worn all the time though, and has pass-through audio so you can still hear the world around you while it's in your ear.

Motorola Moto X (2014)

Motorola Moto X

When Motorola first introduced its Moto X Android smartphone, it was a refreshing alternative to handsets from other Android manufacturers. It didn't add any additional bloatware or carrier cruft, making it the closest thing to pure Android other than Google's Nexus phones. The new 2014 version of the Moto X carries on that same tradition, except it improves upon some of the weak points of the original Moto X.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple's two new iPhone models -- iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus -- were released on Friday September 19, and both feature a new design and bigger screens. iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch display, and iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch display. Both new iPhones have rounded edges as opposed to the sharper edges of the 5s, and the two-toned glass and aluminum back has been replaced by all aluminum with more subtle plastic antenna breaks. Both models are thinner too. The iPhone 6 measures in at just 6.9mm thin and the iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1 mm.

Motorola Moto 360

The Motorola Moto 360 is a smartwatch that runs Android Wear, a watch optimized operating system from Google. Unlike the other Android Wear watches on the market now, this one has a unique trait -- it has a round face. It's designed to look more like a traditional watch, with a stainless steel case, Corning Gorilla Glass on the front, and bands made of Horween leather. It's pre-loaded with six watch faces, so you can decide whether you want a more simple analog face or a digital one.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 is the latest big screen phone or "phablet" (phone/tablet) from Samsung. It has a 5.7 inch quad HD 2560x1440 Super AMOLED display. It also has the ability to manage multiple applications at once on a single screen using gestures. It runs on a quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM, and has a 3,220mAh battery. The Note 4 has several power saving options to get the most out of a charge, and can even charge faster -- from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Synology 2-Bay DiskStation

Synology DS213j DiskStation

If you're looking for an expandable storage solution for backup or for a home media server, Synology's DiskStation is a great option. These DiskStations contain 2 or more hard drives, and connect to your network to share data with multiple computers or devices. This is referred to as NAS, or Network Attached Storage.

Asus Routers with DD-WRT

Asus Router

The weakest part of many routers on the market today is the firmware installed on it. It's often insecure, out of date, or unreliable, and it's lead to the creation of open source alternatives including Tomato and DD-WRT. While these alternatives are free, it still requires extra work after buying the router. The added complication of the installation can be a barrier for many end users. But Asus has come out with a series of routers that come with DD-WRT pre-installed.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 is the latest notebook and tablet hybrid made by Microsoft. It runs Windows 8.1, has a 12" screen with a resolution of 2160 by 1440, and runs a 4th generation Intel processor. It has 5MP and 1080p front and rear facing cameras. Microsoft claims it has 9 hours of battery life when browsing the web. Unlike previous "RT" versions of the Surface, this will run both "Modern UI" (Windows 8 style) apps along with traditional Windows programs.