SlimFold Wallets

SlimFold Wallet

The SlimFold wallet is a very thin, light, strong, and secure wallet. There are two different materials to choose from, and both are environmentally friendly and free of animal products. There are two sizes, original and MICRO, and it comes in a variety of colors and accent colors. Another advantage to the SlimFold wallet is the RFID blocking option, which will keep credit cards and key cards secure.

The soft shell version is a material that feels like a ski jacked, and has been subjected to 70mph crash-testing on pavement. SlimFold says that it's stronger than leather, waterproof, and machine washable. The Tyvek option is an ultra-rip resistant sheet of plastic making it the thinnest wallet they make. It's made from 25% post-consumer recycled content, and like the soft shell version, is also waterproof.

SlimFold wallets range in price from $20 for the Tyvek material to $53 for the soft shell. They also make simple RFID blocking card sleeves, which are $7 for a pair.

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