The 65" LG OLED C7 TV is one of the best OLED TVs on the market right now. While it technically is LG's budget model TV, it uses the same display panel and video processing as the higher end models at a better price. The differences between the models are mostly cosmetic, and some come with a sound bar.

Since the LG C7 is OLED (which stands for Organic Light Emitting-Diodes), the pixels can actually turn on and off, making it possible to achieve perfect black levels for excellent contrast. It has Active HDR with Dolby Vision and HDR10, so it will be able to play almost any high dynamic range content.

The 65" LG C7 OLED TV retails for $3,499.99, and the 55" retails for $2,499.99.

- Learn more about the 65" LG OLED C7 TV (lg.com)
- Buy the 65" LG OLED C7 TV on Amazon ($3,496.99 as of June 20, 2017)