LaMetric Time

LaMetric Time

LaMetric Time is a smart clock that connects to the internet and displays very pricise time in addition to weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, news, notifications, and any other metric you'd need for home or business. It has a very easy to use interface with left/right navigation buttons, and a center button for taking the related actions.

LaMetric Time can be even more versatile with its IFTTT channel. This expands the possibilities further by offering notifications from lots of services or smart devices. You can also customize the clock faces with fun icons, animations, and pixel art.

LaMetric Time includes speakers so it can function as an alarm clock and internet radio as well. It has built-in Bluetooth so you can connect your phone and stream music from Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and more.

LaMetric Time is a standalone Wi-Fi device, so it does not depend on an iOS or Android device for anything other than setup and configuration.

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