DJI Osmo Mobile

DJI Osmo Mobile

The DJI Osmo Mobile is a handheld 3-axis gimbal for iPhone, making the videos you take look smooth and cinematic. It can also be used for motion timelapse videos and quality slow-motion video. It's made of a strong, lightweight and corrosion-proof magnesium alloy. It's created using semi-solid casting technology so the Osmo's surface is smooth to the touch.

DJI Osmo Mobile has dedicated buttons on its handle for shutter and record, ISO, and white balance settings. The joystick is cutomizable, and allows you to set the sensitivity, invert pan or tilt, or even set it so that the gimbal can only move in certain directions. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and will automatically detect and sync up to the Osmo Mobile.

The Osmo Mobile has a run time of 4.5 hours on a single charge, and batteries can be swapped out quickly and easily. There's also an external battery extender. Charging takes about 3 hours when using a 1amp source.

Osmo Mobile comes in either black or silver to better match your phone color, and it retails for $299.

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