CODE Mechanical Keyboard

CODE 87-Key Illuminated Keyboard with Cherry MX Brown Switches

CODE Keyboards are simple and clean mechanical switch keyboards. You can choose between Cherry MX Green, Clear, Brown, or Blue keyswitches, depending on what attributes matter most to you. Leo has the Cherry MX Brown keyswitches, which combine medium actuation force with quiet, non-click activation, and a tactile bump on every keystroke. These switches deliver a superior typing experience over the cheaper rubber dome keyboards, yet still isn't too noisy.

All of the keyswitches are mounted to a steel backplate for a rock solid feel while typing. It's backlit with white LEDs so you can see the keyboard easily in any lighting condition. The backlight can be enabled and disabled with a simple keypress, or you can select among seven brightness levels. The onboard memory will save your preferences as well, even if the keyboard is disconnected.

The case of the keyboard is minimalist and unobtrusive. There isn't any text or stickers on it. On the bottom of the keyboard, there are large rubber pads with rubber coated flip out feet and matching angled rubber pads at the front. It features subtle 1mm LED indicator lights so that you know when Caps, Num, or Scroll are locked.

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