Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show

Amazon's Echo Show is the latest device with the Alexa digital assistant. Like the other Echo devices, you can ask Alexa for information, play songs, buy things from Amazon, and even control devices in your home like lights or thermostats. The new Echo Show goes beyond the other Alexa devices because it has a 7" touch screen.

While the original Amazon Echo featured audio Flash Briefings from a variety of different networks, Echo Show supports video. It can also display weather information, show song lyrics while playing music, and show live security camera feeds from compatible cameras from Ring and Arlo.

In addition to simply displaying information and playing videos, the new Echo Show is capable of hands-free video calling. You can also "drop-in" on other Echo users, which works kind of like an intercom. When you drop-in, you'll be able to hear and talk right away, but the other user will need to accept the call to send video.

Echo Show has eight microphones and beam-forming technology. It has dual speakers in it for stereo sound powered by Dolby. Echo Show costs $229.99, but right now you'll save $100 when you buy two.

Buy the Echo Show on Amazon ($229.99)