Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1433 (1:16:09)

Chris Marquardt

Chris is about to go on a photography trip and he wanted to talk about packing for it. Chris says there's your checked baggage and your carry-on baggage. Never pack your camera into checked luggage. Always just bring your camera with you. Don't pack your film, either. It won't survive the security X-Ray scan. Batteries also need to be in your carry-on luggage. You can check your tripod in your luggage, though.

What to bring? Chris brings several cameras. A full frame and a smaller sensor camera. But a single camera is fine. Bring a normal focal length lens like a 50mm f1.8, they're very portable. Others depend on your destination. A 24-105mm zoom is a decent range and not very heavy. It's good and robust. It's most important, though, to bring what you're used to. Don't go out and buy a new camera a few days before you leave on vacation. Use what you know. How many batteries? You should have double what you use in a day. Make it a habit to recharge every day.

How much memory? Use memory cards like film. Fill them and change to another one. So do the math and figure how much you'll shoot in a day. Then double it. Base your memory cards on that. You can even get away with multiple smaller cards rather than one larger one. You don't need the best cards, either. Take your time before switching them out. If you take that last picture, count to 2 before removing the card because the camera may be still writing to the card.