Where are all the tablet apps for the Microsoft Surface Pro?

Episode 1433 (51:05)

Bret from Temecula, CA
Microsoft Surface Pro

Bret recently bought the Microsoft Surface Pro, which he hopes will replace his laptop. But he's found that on the tablet side of the equation, he doesn't see many apps at all, especially Words with Friends. Leo says that's not exactly accurate. There may be few apps in the Windows Store, but he can get Windows apps all over the place. However, the apps he's used may not have made a Surface app yet. Will Bluestacks work for running Android apps? Leo says that's the idea, but it doesn't really work. Duos is even worse. Leo advises googling "Windows 10, Scrabble" and he could find a mobile version that way. Hasbro may even make one.

Bret also wanted to connect two Bluetooth Bose headphones to his Surface Pro. The Bose app allows for connecting two Bose Bluetooth headsets to one device using that app, but it's only for iOS and Android. Leo says that is a workaround, or a hack at best. Leo also says that the Surface Pro really isn't a tablet in the strictest sense. It's more of a convertible laptop with a touch interface. A 2-in-1 may be a better option. Leo likes the Lenovo Yoga X1. Then he can get a cheap iPad to do the tablet chores. Or he can just use his smartphone. Leo also recommends using a wired headphone splitter with wired headphones. That's more analog, but it's sure a lot easier.