Tiny Hardware Firewall

Boudica THF

Tiny Hardware Firewall is a simple and effective way to keep your devices and data safe when using WiFi hotspots. This is especially useful when traveling, because using a public hotspot can broadcast your identity and traffic to anyone else on the network. Any of the three Tiny Hardware Firewall products will keep others from knowing the content of your internet traffic, your identity, IP address, DNS requests, or your physical location. This protection works for anything connected to the WiFi hotspot it provides, including Apple Watch, phones, tablets, and laptops.

Tiny Hardware firewall works by connecting to a wireless access point and creating its own private access point that can accommodate up to four devices. All of the traffic that goes through the Tiny Hardware Firewall goes through an encrypted VPN tunnel.

The Tiny Hardware Firewall is powered by anything with a USB port, and will even work on USB batteries that are typically used for recharging phones. THF recently came out with a new product called Boudica, which is a USB key that plugs into a laptop or battery and becomes a wireless hotspot for your other devices.

Each Tiny Hardware Firewall device comes with an annual VPN subscription, which costs $91.25. The actual hardware starts at $30 for the Napoleon (the wireless only keychain device), $35 for the Yi Sun-shin (with Ethernet ports), $40 for the new Boudica, and $41 for the Yi Sun-shin (with Ethernet ports and external antenna).

- Learn more about Tiny Hardware Firewall (tinyhardwarefirewall.com)