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Can my Roku connect to a wifi hotspot?

Eddie from California

Episode 1454

Eddie wants to know if Roku will look for a hotspot. Leo says it doesn't really matter, the Roku will look for WiFi no matter where it is. But remember that hotspots tend to have more restrictive bandwidth caps, and 1GB an hour is not surprising on Netflix.

Eddie also wants to know if he can block spam in hotmail. Leo says that hotmail is notoriously bad for spam. They want you to upgrade to Outlook, and Leo says it has much better spam tools. You can also put the email into the SPAM folder, as the Spammer is likely spoofing the address.

Amazon Echo or Google Assistant?

Dan from Fresno, CA

Episode 1454

Dan wants to get his mother a home assistant and can't decide between Google Home or Amazon Echo/Alexa. Recommendations? Leo says that both are very similar. If your mom has Amazon Prime, then you get a free account with certain details. Google, however, is better at facts, while Echo is good at skills. So it comes down to what you're going to use it for. Echo is also better with smart home devices (IOT stuff). Leo gave his mother the Echo. But it's important to train your mother how to talk to Echo. For most people, Echo is easier to use.

How do I recover my facebook password?

Brad from San Jose, CA

Episode 1454

Brad wants to know how to recover his brother's Facebook account without using your email. Leo says that there's an extreme account recovery system that involves sending a picture and then Facebook will reset it. Here's the link to how to recover your account on Facebook -

:Leo also recommends using a password vault. LassPass is that he uses. But there's also OnePassword. Then all you need to do is remember one password.

Facebook Changed its algorithm to keep followers addicted

Episode 1454

The big story today is news that back when Twitter was launched, Facebook decided to change it's feed to keep more news stories in it, thereby addicting its users and keeping them online longer. Leo says that Facebook discovered that they could sell more advertising and make more money if they could hook users to spend more time. Leo says that Facebook prefers to call it more "engaging." But he also says that strategy may have backfired, as engagement has been declining over the last two years.

What is a reliable Virtual Private Network?

Manny from Mt. Carmel, CA

Episode 1453

Manny wants to know how he can find a reliable VPN product to keep his surfing private. Leo says that what you're looking for is a strong privacy policy that's very clear what it can and cannot do, particularly logging access. Leo likes Tunnel Bear, they have it in their privacy policy that they won't log your access and activity. He also uses a hardware firewall like Tiny Hardware Firewall which will do it.

How can I turn off the router in my modem and use my own?

Dan from Corona, CA

Episode 1453

Dan has AT&T and a new TPLink router. But he doesn't like his AT&T DSL router. Can he use his own? Leo says yes. You can turn off the AT&T's router radios and network address translation. You could maybe try putting it into bridge mode. You open up the browser IP address and look for a place that will enable you to turn off the router altogether. You'll also have to disable DHCP. If you can't do that, then you can put the TPLink into bridge mode and it will just pass the signal along. Also look for PassThru mode.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1453

Leo wants to know how young a minor can be to travel unaccompanied. Johnny says that it varies from airline to airline, but it's around 16 years old. And here's a great hack. Airlines will not cancel a flight if there's an unaccompanied minor traveling. They don't want to run the risk of losing the child. But they may also charge you extra for a minor to travel. But that's great insurance to make sure your child's flight doesn't get cancelled. Also. Always book a nonstop flight. That way the child doesn't have to get off and board another plane.

Isn't it good that there will be less regulation of the internet?

Episode 1450

Bryan from Panama City, FL
Network Neutrality

Bryan wants to know if Leo is for or against repealing the Net Neutrality rules. Leo says he's definitely against repealing it, as he believes it will benefit the big ISP companies and not the end user. Sure, it's government regulation, but if you trust the water coming out of your tap, why not trust regulating the internet to keep it open and neutral? By throwing out rules that keep ISPs common carriers under Title 2, it now gives ISPs the power to do whatever they want and charge whatever they want. Leo understands the mistrust of government. Many technology types are libertarians.

What is Bitcoin?

Episode 1450

George from Santa Monica, CA

George keeps hearing about BitCoin and how much the price keeps going up. What gives it that value? Leo says nothing but sheer belief. BitCoin is crypto currency, which are essentially digital dollars that don't exist outside of a computer. You can't really take it and spend it at the local store unless the store takes it. But even a dollar bill isn't really anything but a fiat currency that the government says it's worth. The value of a dollar, or any other currency, changes all the time. It's fluid. So BitCoin is just an extreme version of that.

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee for the internet?

Episode 1450

Michael from Grand Rapids, MI

Michael wants to know if the internet is just one computer talking to another, why do we need to pay ISPs for the privilege? Leo says because someone has to build the roads between them. So he's essentially paying the toll. But our internet freedom is at stake as Net Neutrality is under threat. Service providers want to charge both ways and they want to prioritize traffic. Net Neutrality is the idea that bits are bits and it shouldn't be that way. Leo says to go to to get involved in protecting Net Neutrality.