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Why can't I hear my own voice when using my phone headphones?

Ken from California

Episode 1454

Ken wants to know why you can't hear yourself when you speak with headphones? Leo says you need a mixer that can mix in. It's called Side Tone. But it can be very distracting with bluetooth on a phone, there's a lot of latency, so you couldn't really do it since you'd be confused by the echo. The phone company found that out early on and omitted it. It all comes down to latency.

CES 2018 Recap

Episode 1453

Leo did not go to CES this year, and he's glad he didn't because it's filling up with insignificant junky stuff that looks like people desperate to find something interesting. There was a Gameboy Nintendo remade by a Chinese company called "HyperKin." Samsung did not announce the Galaxy S9, but said it'll probably be announced in March. There were some leaks about the S9 that make it sound like it's mostly the same as the S8, but it'll have a new camera that will do dual apertures with a single lens. Samsung did announce a Bluetooth speaker that aims at your ears without headphones.

How can I keep my Echo from crashing?

Brian from California

Episode 1454

Brian is blind and has the Amazon Echo/Alexa and it has been misbehaving since the New Year. It keeps failing and restarting. Leo says that indicates a faulty device. IT may be overheating or is worn out. Amazon really doesn't have a good suggestion either. So Leo recommends contacting them about an RMA return. Tell them your blind and they may just get you a new one. There is a reset button. Try that first. It's a little hole at the base at the device you can press into with a paperclip and hold for a few seconds to reset it.

Amazon Echo or Google Assistant?

Dan from Fresno, CA

Episode 1454

Dan wants to get his mother a home assistant and can't decide between Google Home or Amazon Echo/Alexa. Recommendations? Leo says that both are very similar. If your mom has Amazon Prime, then you get a free account with certain details. Google, however, is better at facts, while Echo is good at skills. So it comes down to what you're going to use it for. Echo is also better with smart home devices (IOT stuff). Leo gave his mother the Echo. But it's important to train your mother how to talk to Echo. For most people, Echo is easier to use.

How can I get my PC to Boot up?

Frank from Land O Lakes, FL

Episode 1454

Frank is having trouble getting his PC to Boot up. It resets in a loop after a few seconds. He's replaced the power supply. Leo says if there's no power on self test (three beeps), and the fans are coming on, then it's likely a dead motherboard. Can he just replace the CPU without the motherboard or vice versa? Leo says if the power supply is eliminated as a culprit, then Frank could try replacing the processor and see what happens. But before you do that, pull all the USB devices and see if they're the culprit. It could be a short in your USB hub. There's so many suggestions.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1453

Dickie D just got back from CES and he pretty much saw a lot of silly ideas that didn't really have much use. Leo says they've run out of ideas and are now mashing them together to create something new. But one thing he did see came from Kodak. The Kodak Super8 camera, looks like a retro model, but it was a brand new camera that will go on sale soon. And yes, it uses Super 8mm film! Film that you shoot and mail off to Kodak just the way you did 40 or 50 years ago! Unlike the old super 8 camera, this one has a large flip-out 4-inch LCD screen.

Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Episode 1450

Nancy from Tarzana, CA
Amazon Echo Show

Nancy has an Android phone, her kids have iPhone. Which assistant should she get, Amazon Echo or Google Home? Leo says it doesn't really matter, but for Nancy, using the Google Home would be similar to Android's voice assistant. The Echo has been out for a few years now and it's a mature system, whereas Google Home just came out not long ago. Google Home is better for facts because of its search knowledge. Amazon Echo is better for home automation. It works well with a variety of Internet of Things devices. Google Home isn't quite there yet with Internet of Things.