Laptop or desktop computers and any components within.

Should I rebuild my PC?

Ron from Charlotte, NC

Episode 1441

Ron's PC died yesterday. He suspects the power supply went south. Leo says there's no sense in replacing it, you can just replace the the power supply. But check the power cord itself. It could have gone bad. Just to be sure. But if you have to replace it, you could replace the processor too, since it's 7 years old, but you'll have to replace the motherboard as well. But why not get a bare bones system that you can get a new processor and motherboard with, and then transfer your SSD, GPU and the other options that you've added to it?

Why is my inkjet printer so bad at printing?

Nathan from California

Episode 1441

Nathan has an inkjet printer but he's having issues with print quality. Leo says that inkjet printers aren't very economical for infrequent printing because the jets can become clogged with dried ink unless you use them every day. That's why Leo recommends a low cost laser printer. You can get a Brother laser printer for under $100. Ideal for students.

What camera should I buy for live streaming?

Bruce from Hisperia, CA

Episode 1441

Bruce's daughter plays D&D and her group would like to stream their games online. They need a mic for the group. Leo says that the best option for them is MEVO. It has a wide angle array mic and it has a camera built in that you can control via an iPad. It's 4K that streams over 1080p. It can even follow you and because it's 4K, you can use the resolution to create a second camera up close. It's a great option. It's $400. But there's also a $100 black friday deal going on right now. If that's still too pricey and you just want audio, then you can use the Blue Snowball.

The Giz Wiz ... all corked up

Episode 1440

This weeks' gadget lets you pour wine out of a wine bottle without uncorking it, keeping it safe from oxidation. The device is called Coravin it uses a "pouring needle" to access the wine without cork damage. Remove the needle and the cork reseals itself and continues protecting the wine. Argon gas, an inert gas used in the wine-making process, protects the remaining wine from oxidation. Coravin fits on a variety of sized standard wine bottles, and they even made an adapter for screw-on caps. There a many designs and systems available starting at $199.99.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1438

Dick DeBartolo

Line and Naver Corp have new Bluetooth-enabled wireless earbuds. While several companies are working on ear-to-ear real-time language translation, Mars is different. How? According to the company, other earbuds require separate mobile devices and earbuds, or two pairs of earbuds. Mars only requires a single pair that can be shared between two people. Using the Naver Papago app, the user assigns a language to each each earbud. From there, two people will be able to have real-time ear-to-ear translation of 10 different languages.

How can I reset a MacBook Pro?

Episode 1438

DJ from Duluth, GA
MacBook Pro

DJ is trying to help a friend out who wants to reset her MacBook, but he's worried that she won't be able to use her Microsoft Office software because she doesn't have the key anymore. Leo says that there's a system reset that won't break the connections of the software. So it could pay to try that first. If that doesn't work and they have to erase the hard drive, they could get the key from Microsoft again. It'll take a simple call.